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By: Nutherm  05/12/2011
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Geothermal  heat pumps provide one of the most economical ways to heat your home. Using latent (present but not active i.e. low temperature) heat from your garden, a heat pump can heat hot water in your home up to 55oC using the same technology you would find in your fridgeUsing this system, savings of up to 70% are possible versus oil and gas ( ) and no backup system is required. Also with Nutherm's 5 year parts and labour warranty and the heat pumps 25 life span, you can rest assured that your system will function efficiently for many years.Over the last 10 years, Nutherm's extensive installer network has installed over 1200 heat pumps, in both domestic and commercial projects. If you would like to see a live project or require any further information about Geothermal heating, please fill out an and a Nu therm representative will contact you to discuss your project.Please follow the links below to find more information on some of the different aspects of our Geothermal Heating system.

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Nutherm - Geothermal Solutions - Solar Thermal

Nutherm supply evacuated tube and flat plate solar panels which can provide up to 60% of your annual hot water demand.


Nutherm - Geothermal Solutions - Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

For certain projects which are unsuitable for Geothermal heating, Nutherm supply and install high efficiency Air-to-Water Heat Pump systems.


Nutherm - Geothermal Solutions - Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating provides the perfect heat distribution system for any home, especially new build projects and provides comfortable, evenly distributed heat throughout the building.Underfloor heating also provides a perfect partner for Geothermal Heat Pump systems. The large area of the floor means flow temperatures can be lower than in conventional radiator systems, giving you a high level of comfort and economy.


Nutherm - Geothermal Solutions - Services

If you have any questions regarding the installation of a renewable technology, please contact our dedicated design team, who will advise on the most appropriate solution for your individual needs. We offer our services to clients interested in reducing both their running costs and environmental impact.


Nutherm - Geothermal Solutions - Products

We can advise on, design, supply and install a range of products to suit your needs and maximise comfort and economy. If you are considering a renewable technololgy for your home or business, simply with the details of your project. Renewable Energy Costs Less Than Fossil Fuels.