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By: Nuadesign  05/12/2011
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Online Reputation Monitoring and Management

"Managing your own brand and keeping an eye on your competition"

Do you know what your customers, competitors and employees are saying about your company, products and services online? Have you taken steps to protect your Social Media Identity (Twitter, Digg, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube etc.)?

To protect your brand, you need to track what is being said about it and be in a position to react early to what is being said, both positive and negative.

Your brand is probably already being discussed online on blogs, social networks and forums. If you are not taking part in the discussion then you are missing an opportunity to capitalize on the exposure or control the damage caused by disgruntled employees or customers.

Keeping An Eye On The Competition:

A component of competitive intelligence - Online reputation monitoring also gives you the opportunity to monitor your competition.

Keeping up to date with what is being said about your competition and what they are saying can give you a competitive edge. If your competitor releases a press release, launches a new product/service or attacks your reputation you should know about it so that you can react accordingly.

As well as developing a strategy for invoking more positive comments and discussions we can help you to deal with negative online attention and help you to protect your most vital asset - your reputation.

Social Media Marketing

"Strengthen your brand - engage and interact with existing and potential consumers"

Search Engine Optimisation

Internet Marketing Benefits

  • Search engines represent a very unique medium, which allows you to precisely target an interested audience.
  • In other media, the audience is looking at something, and your advertisement is a distraction.
  • Searchers are looking for something, and are far more likely to respond to an appropriately targeted offer.

Search Engine Marketing Options

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimizing the content of your website to appear on the free side of search engine results.
  • Blended Strategy / Search Engine Marketing: Utilizing both SEO and PPC to maximize your exposure to search engine users.

Search Engine Optimization - Pros

  • Leverage your site's natural advantages – content, popularity, linking relationships
  • Can deliver substantial benefits at a very low cost, especially for a "content rich" site
  • Requires minimal ongoing activity for most sites
  • Initial investment in SEO can pay off for years to come

Search Engine Optimization - Cons

  • SEO influences, but does not control, the search engine results - there are no guarantees.
  • Delayed results - after the initial SEO effort, expect to wait at least 2-3 months for significant traffic.
  • Risk of becoming overly dependent on "free" traffic, because results are variable over time.
  • Some modifications to site are required; extent of changes dependent on many factors. A professional SEO consultant can help find the best path to results and ROI.
  • Poorly executed SEO campaigns can lead to search engine penalties and long term harm to the organization's online presence.
  • Predictability - maintain control of costs, operate under a fixed or variable budget, adjust investment seasonally.
  • Immediate and predictable results - start advertising today, get traffic today. For the most part, the PPC advertiser can control where their site appears in search results.
  • Geo-targeting: the ability to restrict advertising to local markets, or deliver different ads to different geographic regions.
  • Tracking ROI is relatively easy. Feedback from PPC campaign results drives ROI higher over time, and can even help with SEO strategy.
  • With a well designed site already in place, minimal "on site" changes are required - just add landing pages.
  • ROI is heavily dependent on the Website's ability to convert traffic into sales.
  • Requires an ongoing commitment to measuring, managing, and refining the campaign.
  • Traffic can be brought in immediately, but optimizing and refining a campaign can take months.
  • Depending on the scope of the campaign, developing creatives (ad copy and headlines) can be expensive.
  • PPC may be far more expensive than SEO, although effective PPC campaigns can actually cost less.

Why Hire A Professional?

  • Thorough assessment of business needs and current state.
  • SEO professionals can help determine the most cost-effective methods of making needed site modifications.
  • Professional PPC campaign management can greatly increase ROI, and reduce startup costs.
  • Focus: Is search engine marketing really your core business?

Search Engine Marketing Process

  • Stage 1: Business Assessment
  • Stage 2: Keyword Strategy
  • Stage 4: Website Optimization
  • Stage 5: Link Building
  • Stage 6: Tracking and Refinement

Keywords: Engine Optimisation, internet marketing, online marketing, search engine, search engine optimisation

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