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By: Novum  05/12/2011
Keywords: Energy Consumption, Freezers, Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is imperative for businesses that involve food and other perishable goods. High quality refrigerators and freezers of commercial scale can preserve the nutrition and freshness of foods to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and business profitability.

However, large commercial freezers are significant investments, and buying one should require a wise, informed decision. Here are some important factors to consider when buying a commercial refrigerator:

1. Specifications and Style

When choosing a refrigerated solution there are a number of issues to be considered. Have the cabinets you are considering been designed specifically to provide you with an effective commercial refrigeration solution? Novum freezers and chiller cabinets are designed to sell more frozen and chilled food. They do this by providing consumers with unrestricted view of the frozen or chilled food on offer. They do this by providing the shop owner with a reliable freezer that will give many years of energy efficient service. The uniquely Novum solution is to offer and effective commercial refrigeration solution that through design and innovation also offers an aesthetic element that will enhance and improve the performance of any retail outlet.

2. Cost and Energy Efficiency
Cost and getting value for money are two of the primary drivers of the food retail sector. Novum commercial refrigeration solutions address both these issues head on. Compared to traditional remote refrigeration systems Novum cabinets cost up to 40% less to buy, 40% lower energy consumption and 70% lower maintenance costs. Novum cabinets are designed to last. It is not unusual for retailer to get fifteen years plus trouble free service form a Novum Freezer.

3. Low Maintenance

Novum cabinets and commercial refrigeration solutions are designed to give years of trouble free service. To achieve this we keep it as simple as possible with as few moving parts as possible. The moving parts that we cannot avoid such as hinges have been designed by Novum and Novum supplier to maximise reliability and durability. Novum hinges are guaranteed to one million openings. It is Novum policy to use only premium components and materials. We insist that any compressors used in Novum cabinets have been on the market and trouble free for at least two years. We do our trials in our state of the art test labs and not in our customer's shops.

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