ISO20022 and SEPA OCL Business Rule Compliance Testing

By: Nomos Software  05/12/2011

The Nomos Software Hosted SEPA Test Service checks SEPA messages against the schemas and business rules published by ISO20022, EPC and EBA, providing a quick and easy way for corporates, payments companies and banks to validate their SEPA messaging. The service can be used to check bank to bank messaging such as the DNF file used on EBA Clearing's STEP2 Direct Debit service, or to check customer to bank messaging such as the pain.001 file used for credit transfer initiations. The service pinpoints issues in the messages, and provides a reference to the relevant business rules in the published specifications (ISO20022 message definition reports, the EPC Imlementation Guidelines, and the EBA Interface Specifications). The service can be extended to include business and bank-specific tests for SEPA AOS services.

ISO20022 is the new generation standard for financial messaging. The includes over 200 different message types, along with a series of Message Definition Reports (MDRs) containing business rules for each of the different message types. Nomos Software can provide an online test service as well as business rule validation libraries for any of the ISO20022 messaging, and can extend the service and validation libraries to include support for market practice rules.

As well as providing online test services for financial messaging, Nomos Software supplies validation libraries for XML Schema and business rule validation. Using the Nomos Software off-the-shelf validation libraries means that your development and test teams no longer have to waste time and effort implementing the common validation requirements defined in messaging standards like SEPA, FpML and ISO20022. The libraries are easily deployed in customer production and test environments.

for the MagicDraw UML product is designed for use by organisations that model business data in UML, and that store the real business data in XML form. The Testing Add-On turns OCL business rules captured in MagicDraw UML models into executable tests that can be run in an automated test environment against XML data.