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By: Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers  05/12/2011
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NLCE offer a full range of mechanical and electrical engineering services including: Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), lift and sprinkler installations, and telecommunications and security.

Electrical engineering

We are experts in the design and quality supervision of electrical services associated with buildings.

In addition to the traditional services of power distribution, lighting, data, fire alarm and security, we have specialist knowledge of UPS systems and electrical services design for hazardous areas.

As electricity costs have escalated more significantly than other fuels, the potential to achieve energy cost reduction is greatest where electrical consumption can be affected.  This has resulted in adjustments to the standard design solutions previously offered. 

Many of our buildings are now incorporating combined heat and power (CHP) plant, as base electrical load can be met more cost effectively by site generated electricity.

Intelligent dimming systems have been incorporated into the lighting design of many of our projects. This allows global or local reduction of lighting levels to reduce energy consumption. Occupancy sensors and day lighting sensors in lighting systems deliver demand driven use of lighting and a consequential reduction in energy consumption.

The use of variable speed drives on pumped systems and fans has also been very successful in achieving reduced energy costs.

Mechanical engineering

We are experts in the design and quality supervision of the core mechanical services associated with buildings. This includes heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water services and sprinkler systems in commercial buildings. We also have expertise in the design of steam, gas, high purity water and CIP systems in industrial, production and healthcare facilities.

The single greatest change to the design of mechanical services systems has been brought about by the requirement to reduce building energy consumption and carbon emissions.

This calls for a more detailed design process and early interaction with the architect to maximise the passive design potential of the building. Many of our recent projects have achieved design solutions without the need for any ventilation or air conditioning. The size of heating systems has been reduced by increasing building insulation levels and improving the air tightness of the building envelope.

The drive to reduce energy costs has also led to the incorporation of new plant solutions for buildings. We are increasingly utilising biomass boiler plant, heat pumps, solar heating, open-loop geothermal systems and combined heat and power solutions in the buildings we design.

In order to reduce water consumption in buildings we have incorporated rainwater harvesting, and can provide solutions that involve the use of private water sources with water treatment, grey water schemes and other water conservation measures.

Swimming pools and spas

NLCE have an extensive experience of swimming pool and spa projects. Our design and project management experience includes numerous municipal, private and domestic swimming pools. We also have experience in the design of thermal experience rooms, sauna, steam rooms, hydrotherapy and spa treatment facilities.

Lifts, travelators and escalators

Within the retail and commercial sectors we have undertaken design and procurement for numerous transport solutions including goods and passenger lifts, elevators and travelators. We give expert guidance on the types of drives and associated performance and energy considerations.

Project management

Extensive experience of delivering fast track mechanical and electrical engineering projects on time and in budget, time after time. We pride ourselves on our excellent communication and “can do” attitude.

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