Nilfisk Ecoflex system - Nilfisk

By: Nilfisk  05/12/2011

Nilfisk Ecoflex system - Nilfisk

Clean with detergent or green with just water? We say both. Nilfisk-Advance has thought ahead and perfected the art of sustainability and efficiency in floor cleaning. Result: green meets clean in the superior and customizable Ecoflex System.

In order to ease your green cleaning effort, Nilfisk-Advance has developed the Ecoflex System.  ‘one-machine-fits-all’ solution providing efficiency and sustainability, right where it is needed. The green low-flow water mode handles routine cleaning tasks with minimal effort and no detergent. Using as little as a single litre of water the Ecoflex System efficiently covers surfaces up to 60 m². 

Different facilities require different cleaning. By applying just the right blend of brush pressure, water or detergent, the Ecoflex System is the professional and green solution to any cleaning challenge. The Ecoflex System effortlessly switches between different cleaning intensities in one, easy pass. The highly user friendly control allows you to add that extra muscle for heavily soiled surfaces, floor tiles, concrete or epoxy floors.

Nice and Easy
The Ecoflex control panel has been especially designed for changing operators to work the machine smoothly and hassle-free through changing cleaning requirements. The simple one touch-system of the Ecoflex control panel makes it easy for the busy operator to choose just the right cleaning mode for the job. Default start-up mode is green, low-flow and detergent-free, but may easily be regulated to just the right intensity – including a potent one-minute burst of power.