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By: Nigel's Cycles  05/12/2011
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Road Bikes

Road bikes are versatile bikes built for paved roads, high speed, good handling, and comfort. There is a huge range of bikes available, from heavy and comfortable steel classics to lightweight and stiff racing machines. We stock bikes that are tuned to be used from city streets, to training spins, to international racing. Most of our road bikes contain carbon fibre forks or carbon fibre frames, and are kitted with high quality components from companies like Shimano (105,Ultegra,Dura-Ace) and Campagnolo (Centaur, Chorus, Record). Brands include: BH, Giant, Lapierre, Look, and Felt

Mountain Bikes (MTB)

Hard Tail mtbs come with a solid traditionally shaped frame and a front fork. They are a light and efficient bike, great for mountain trails or rock strewn sidewalks. A good fork soaks up the bumps of a trail, while a stiff and light frame will allow good climbing abilities and fast pedalling. We stock all levels of mountain bike- our better ones use hydralic disk brakes (e.g. Formula) and have adjustable forks with lock-out.

Full Suspension

Full suspension mtbs combine a front fork with a second suspension point at the rear of the frame, effectively putting shock soakage between the rider and all points of contact. A high quality full suspension mtb has a more complicated frame structure than a hard-tail, and is normally more expensive. These bikes are the ultimate when it comes to uneven surfaces, tree roots, big drops, and poor surfaces.

Urban/Hybrid Bikes

A good urban/Hybrid bike takes some of the comfort of a mountain bike and combines it with the speed and weight of a road bike. Narrower tyres make these a quicker option than an mtb for commuting/city spins, while a more relaxed position and stable geometry remove the aggressive riding position of a road racing bike.

Children's Bikes

Your first bike is one of the most special things you will ever own. It offers a new freedom and allows you to learn a valuable life skill. There is nothing to beat a bike as a fun way to get around for children. We stock a large range of children's bikes from well-known brands like Raleigh, and have all the bells and whistles needed to get any child up and pedalling.

Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes

Specialist Time trial/Triathlon bikes are the ultimate for racing the clock. While they do not have the fine handling and stability of a road racing bike, their aero position has a huge speed advantage. When combined with aero wheels, aero helmet, and the right training, these are the bikes for personal bests and course records. Many modern TT bikes have been developed using wind-tunnel analysis and specially shaped wind-cheating tube shapes. We stock a selection of these bikes, and all of the related parts such as helmets, disk wheels, TT bars, even aero water bottles.

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