Fast ForWord Dyslexia, Autism, APD, Aspergers & SEN

By: Neuron Learning  05/12/2011
Keywords: Cognitive Skills

The Fast ForWord Language Basics product is an excellent tool for teachers to accelerate students early literacy development. It uses fun activities to prepare students for the listening and attention demand of classroom instruction. It consists of three exercises that develop visual attention and auditory discrimination skills as well as sustained auditory attention.

Fast ForWord Language maps the brain to improve the fundamental cognitive skills of memory, attention, processing, and sequencing, while simultaneously improving reading and learning skills. It assists teachers to implement the essential first steps in developing these critically important prerequisites for successful reading.

It builds on the cognitive and language skills addressed in Fast ForWord Language. It continues to improve the key cognitive skills (Learning MAPs) through exercises focused on sound-letter comprehension, phonological awareness, beginning word recognition and English language conventions.

Fast ForWord to Literacy builds cognitive, language, and literacy skills for the adolescent student. Based on neuroscience research, Fast ForWord to Literacy creates an intervention like no other, which gets to the underlying foundational issues that challenge the struggling reader.

Fast ForWord to Literacy Advanced is a neuroscience based literacy product specifically developed for secondary and young adult education. A s the companion to Fast ForWord to Literacy, it continues building a strong foundation of fundamental cognitive skills in the context of language and reading skills including: advanced listening accuracy, advanced auditory sequencing, listening comprehension, word analysis, English language conventions, vocabulary, phonological memory and sustained attention.

Fast ForWord to Reading Prep software is a computer-based series of exercises that builds pre-reading skills, with a focus on phonemic awareness, phonological awareness and the alphabetic principle.

Fast ForWord to Reading 1 software is a computer-based series of exercises that builds critical early reading skills, with a focus on phonemic awareness, early decoding skills, appreciation of print, and motivation for reading.

Fast ForWord to Reading 2 software is a computer-based series of exercises that consolidates early reading skills with a focus on applying phonics and decoding strategies.

Fast ForWord to Reading 3 software is a computer-based series of exercises that builds reading knowledge and fluency. With a focus on recognizing word sounds, word forms, and spelling conventions this product develops basic vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Fast ForWord to Reading 4 software is a computer-based series of exercises that expands reading skills with a focus on applying knowledge of word origins, word forms, sentence structures, and punctuation rules to improve comprehension. It continues the development of cognitive skills but presented in the context of reading.

Fast ForWord to Reading 5 software is a computer-based series of exercises that focuses on advanced reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. It is appropriate for students in upper elementary, middle and high school, and is designed to exercise the skills identified in the literacy and language arts content standards for 5th grade.

Students listen to a model fluent reading of the passage, preview vocabulary, and read the passage orally. After reading, students, review problematic words they did not understand, and playback their reading.

Progress Tracker provides teachers with clear action-oriented information on participant, class or group performance.

These tracking tools allow teachers to build a profile of each student's strengths and weaknesses and ensure on-going monitoring of progress. The teacher uses the tools to prioritise areas of need and use their own time effectively and efficiently.

Combined with classroom observations, the teacher can be confident of ensuring the student gets the comprehensive and systematic learning experience required to develop the cognitive and language skills necessary for reading effectively.

Keywords: Cognitive Skills

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