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By: Nerd Herd  05/12/2011

Nerd Herd - Daily Tips Archive

How to be web-wise

1.     Encourage your child to be careful when disclosing personal information. They should be selective about what personal information and photos they post to online spaces. Explain that once material is online it can easily be copied and used without their permission. Once it’s shared, they lose control over who can see it and in what context.

2.     Talk about the risks associated with meeting online friends. Young people are making friends online and then meeting up with them face-to-face. Agree to rules around this that are appropriate for your child. It is a good idea not to go to a meeting alone – always meet in a public place, and make sure you know when they are doing this.

3.      Teach your child to be critical of web content. Anyone can post information to the internet without restriction. Encourage your children to be critical of information they find online.

4.     Don’t be too critical of your child’s exploration of the internet. Remember, it is not always their fault if they come across inappropriate content on the web. You want your child to talk to you about things that bother them, so don’t be too quick to attribute blame.

6.     Encourage respect for others. As in everyday life there are informal rules for how to behave when relating to other people on the internet. Encourage your child to be respectful of others when communicating online.

8.     Remember that the positive aspects of the internet outweigh the negative aspects. The internet is an excellent educational and recreational resource for children. Encourage your child to explore the internet to its full potential.

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