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By: Ncl  05/12/2011
Keywords: Software Development, messaging, MMS

NCL's software development products and toolkits offer a quick, developer friendly, reliable and seamless approach to developing mobile and wireless applications.

NCL's products and toolkits have been successfully deployed within mobile operators, banks, OEM suppliers, messaging infrastructure suppliers, aircraft management solutions, service providers, game industries, and a host of other software development areas.


Provato SMS/MMS Gateway

development framework provides a host of new and innovative messaging technologies including SMS, MMS, EMS, Nokia Smart Messaging, long messages, Push WAP, our proprietary SWAP messaging and long messaging.

The product roadmap for Provato SMS MMS Gateway includes our proprietary messaging transaction model that allows applications to seamlessly group messages into single transactions and allows them to rollback on groups of messages. Typical examples would be premium rate long messages (e.g. ring-tones over premium rate numbers) and instant/group messaging applications.

Our best of breed software provides generic interfaces to the world of Short Messaging (SMS), Enhanced Messaging (EMS), Multimedia Messaging (MMS) and Smart Messaging (Nokia), and future proofs your applications.

With support for Visual Basic, VBScript, Active Server Pages (ASP), PERL, COM, Java, SOAP and C/C++/C-sharp, NCLs products and toolkits offer a solution for every platform and maximising your target market.

Keywords: aircraft management, messaging, MMS, Multimedia Messaging, Software Development, Software Development Products