The Veda Universal Energizer

By: Naturestoolkit  05/12/2011

Veda Universal Energizer.

The Veda Universal Energizer Pad is created, based on Indian Vedic Principles and is totally Non Invasive and has NO negative effects on Humans, Animals or Plants. It is charged with more than 1 million Angstrom units (Bovis Units) of Positive Energy permanently using the treasure of Vedic Principles.


Positively Energizes drinking water many times, within 30 minutes.

Energized water helps to remove Toxins from body and helps to increase immunity.

Energized water when taken, activates all 7 Chakras of the body within minutes!

Energized water facilitates a sound sleep in the night.

Retains freshness of fruits, vegetables, milk, etc., and increases their energy levels.

Eliminates toxins considerably from Toxic Food and drinks by increading oxygen absorption thereby expelling some toxinns.

Highly energizes food we eat , with the plate on the Pad.

Highly vitalizes Hair oils, Soaps, Shampoos, Body creams etc.,

Works as a good pain reliever when kept over or under the paining areas.

Relieves stress considerably when used as a seat under the Chair cushion and helps to increase productivity considerably. Does enormous good to IT Professionals who are highly stressed lot.

Note: The above points are summarized based on individual user testimonials.

This product is not intended to Diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

This is not a medical Product but only a Non Invasive Energizer Pad based on Vedic Principles. Results may vary from person to person .No claims are made and no guarantee is given.


According a French Energy Scientist called either Antoine or Alfred Bovis (1871-1947), who invented the technique of quantifying the energy levels in Bovis Units (named after him) a number of 6,500 Bovis Units is considered "neutral", lower figures affect human "energies" negatively, higher numbers positively. Numbers above 10,000 are in the "ethereal range", considered Places of power.

It is a shocking fact that the water we drink ( all over the world) has an average Bovis energy levels of 2000 to 2500 only , which is much below the neutral or break even energy level of 6500 Bovis Units. When the drinking water is kept over the Eergizer Pad for just 30 minutes, the atom molecules are activated , dissolved Oxygen content in the drining water goes up and consequently the energy levels in the water touches more tha 100 000 Bovis units. The laboratory Test Reports show an increased level of Oxygen content in the water kept over the Energizer Pad.

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