MySQL :: MySQL Cluster

By: Mysql  05/12/2011

MySQL :: MySQL Cluster

Whether you’re racing to introduce a new service, or trying to manage an avalanche of data in real time, your database has to be scalable, fast and highly available to meet ever-changing market conditions and stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

MySQL Cluster is the industry's only real-time transactional relational database combining 99.999% availability with the low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of open source. It features a "shared-nothing" distributed architecture with no single point of failure to assure high availability and performance, allowing you to meet your most demanding mission-critical application requirements.

MySQL Cluster's real-time design delivers predictable, millisecond response times with the ability to service tens of thousands of transactions per second. Support for in-memory and disk based data, automatic data partitioning with load balancing and the ability to add nodes to a running cluster with zero downtime allows linear database scalability to handle the most unpredictable workloads.

MySQL Cluster delivers carrier-grade availability and performance, with the flexibility of open source software

MySQL Cluster eliminates the need for expensive shared storage, and runs on a range of commodity platforms, making it the most open and cost-effective database solution for mission critical applications.

See what industry leaders have to say about MySQL Cluster

  • "We view MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition as a strategic technology in our applications portfolio. With MySQL Cluster CGE we are enabling our customers to expose the rich capabilities of their networks to drive a long-tailed innovation model. As a result, the operator can leverage the creativity and agility of the web ecosystem to deliver new compelling, personalized and targeted services to their subscribers without compromising reliability and scalability."Jeff Cortley, General Manager,
    Subscriber Data Management Business Unit,
  • "MySQL Cluster 7.1 offers the potential for users of the FreeRADIUS AAA server to enhance operational efficiency and performance in the management and access of their business critical and time sensitive applications."Alan Dekok,
    Founder of the FreeRADIUS Project and CEO of Network RADIUS
  • "We have experienced two instances of hardware failure over the past couple of years. MySQL Cluster was able to instantly failover, avoiding any service interruption to our users. When we added replacement hardware, MySQL automatically re-synchronized it with the rest of the cluster, with no intervention from my team. It is an awesome technology".Dave Dalrymple, VP Engineering,
    Shopatron Inc.
  • "Telenor has been using MySQL for fixed IP management since 2003 and are extremely satisfied with its speed, availability and flexibility. Telenor has found MySQL Cluster to be the best performing database in the world for our applications."Peter Eriksson
    Manager Network Provisioning
  • "As one of the leading databases, MySQL Cluster provides high availability, reliable services, and proven ability to scale, satisfying our telco requirements."Tommy L
    Senior Product Manager, UTStarcom
  • "We've always known that our capacity to handle rapid Web traffic growth would be critical to the success of Zillow. We selected MySQL Cluster as a low-cost, high throughput database with easy scalability — and it has delivered. MySQL Cluster has enabled us to manage our growth smoothly, cost-effectively, and intelligently plan for future expansion."Brian Milnes,
    Director of IT Operations,
  • "MySQL Cluster has enabled us to meet our demands for scalability, performance and continuous uptime, at a much lower cost than proprietary technologies. We would be dead in the water without it."Richard McCluskey
    Senior Engineer
    go2 Media
  • "MySQL Cluster delivers carrier-grade levels of availability and performance with linear scalability on commodity hardware. It is a fraction of the cost of proprietary alternatives, allowing us to compete aggressively, and enabling operators to maximize their ARPU"Jan Martens
    SPEECH DESIGN Carrier Systems GmbH
  • "Targeted database products such as MySQL Cluster have already been adopted to deliver carrier-grade data management services by a number of the leading equipment providers."Elisabeth Rainge
    Director of NGN Operations, IDC

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