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By: Mxitconsulting  05/12/2011
Keywords: search engine optimisation, search engine, search engines

Which includes:

• Custom graphics and unique design templates
• Cross browser compatibility
• Animation Design
• Page Design, Information Layout and Navigation
• Search Engine Registration
• Domain Registration
• Email set-up

For businesses getting into the internet we offer you a simple and clear plan to follow. It starts with a free consultation, for us to know about your needs. We provide you a document where you can indicate your web specifications, pictures, logos, etc. We assist you giving you advice of the different options available and a quotation.
Once you have done so, we send you a sample design of your website, showing how the services and/or products are displayed.
Once you are satisfied with the design of the website, we can start creating the website.
We update you and provide you a display of the work being done so far.

It is very important for your business to keep content fresh and updated, so the users will revisit your website at a later stage. How is it done?

Content delivery: We make sure your website looks fresh with text that is easy to read and easy to navigate.

Fresh Fast Images: We design and optimise our images to make maximum visual impact, while downloading quickly. This makes for impressed customers, who are able to concentrate on the information you provide.

Search Engine Optimisation: We optimise each and every page that is changed for search engines. That way that new pages will be correctly formatted for search engines, giving you better search rankings with the likes of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc…

To improve your sales is not enough having a website. We assist you with what is called Online Marketing. What is Online Marketing?

• Search Engine Optimisation : Search engine placement and keyword-related advertising can make up 80 to 90 percent of your traffic. It is very important that your pages could be searched easily by search engines , using the correct keywords that will give a high search result.
• Search Engine Registration : Once your website has had its search engine optimisation completed, it is time to register it in the principal search engines (Google, Overture, MSN…)
• Pay Per Click / Adwords Advertising : Pay per Click or Adwords Advertising has a dramatic result on your search engine ranking. We can advise you on what the most effective advertising for your business.

Sometimes our customers need some technical support, which we can provide.

• Office PC set-ups & backups. Set-up access to your office PC from home or laptop i.e. virtual office
• Installation of software for you to update the website after our initial set-up.
• Advice on free software use (open source)
• Advice and set-up of office solutions and direct fax to business email
• Help and advice in relation to PC anti-virus software, firewall protection and PC security
• Set-up of free email software to access email from your local office PC.

We can provide a high quality custom logo design that will assist you in creating a strong impression.

We can set up your website in other languages, such as Spanish, French and Italian. Or we can give you advise if you want to open your business to for foreign opportunities and markets.

Keywords: domain registration, search engine, search engine optimisation, search engines