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By: Munster Wind Turbines  05/12/2011
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Munster Wind Turbines can offer you a range of panel heaters with infrared radiation. These products are on display and in use in our showroom and would work very well with a turbine installation as the products are user friendly and energy efficient.

Is Heating with Infrared Radiation a New Invention?

NO! Heating with infrared radiation is as old as the use of fire by man. Stone, clay and later tiled stoves With the return to more natural ways of life and healthy living, long forgotten heating methods are re-entering today’s modern homes and dwellings. New, however, is the manner in which the infrared radiation is produced - with electricity. Clean, healthy and energy-friendly heating can be achieved with the help of ecological products.

Why is there such an improvement in indoor climate when heating with infrared?

In contrast to convection heating, when heating with infrared, the energy is transferred not through the air, but through electromagnetic waves, meaning, the air between the heating unit and the “recipient” does not warm up. The human body prefers radiated heat to convection heat. The larger the surface of the heating element, the less the air is moved and thus, more warmth is radiated

Why is there so much doubt about whether infrared radiation heating systems can heat sufficiently?

Because many still carry the erroneous belief that a warm or cold feeling depends entirely on the temperature of the surrounding air. That is completely wrong! An example from nature proves it:
Skiers and mountain climbers do not freeze even if they are in extremely cold air. The reason: They are surrounded by warm infrared waves, which come directly from the sun or are reflected by the environment (snow, stones, earth etc.). In the past, the genuine reduction of costs and saving energy were crucial. Dry rooms can be heated most efficiently with infrared radiation. Even persons shivering in cold beds receive the least expensive form of a good, warm night’s rest with the energy radiating warm water bottle.

A full range of the above products are available from Munster Wind turbines.

Prices starting at 390 euro.

Why not give one a try and feel the difference

We issue a warranty of 60 months on all Redwell products.

All our products have been tested and are certified to CSA and UL standards.

Keywords: heating, Infrared Heaters, Infrared Radiation, Panel Heaters, wind turbines

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