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By: Munster Wind Turbines  05/12/2011
Keywords: wind turbines, Energy Audits, alternative energy

Types of Energy Audit

The term energy audit is commonly used to describe energy studies ranging from a quick walk-through of a facility to identify major problem areas to a comprehensive analysis of the implications of alternative energy efficiency measures sufficient to satisfy the financial criteria of sophisticated investors. The only way to ensure that a proposed audit will meet your specific needs is to spell out those requirements in a detailed scope of work. Taking the time to prepare a formal solicitation will also assure the building owner of receiving competitive and comparable proposals. Interest in energy audits has recently increased as a result of growing understanding of human impact upon global warming and climate change.

Munster Wind Turbines will under take two Energy audits

1. Preliminary Audit
The preliminary audit or walk-through audit is the simplest and quickest type of audit. It involves minimal disturbance just a brief review of facility utility bills and other operating data, and a walk-through of the home or business to become familiar with the building operation and to identify any glaring areas of energy waste or inefficiency.

Typically, only major problem areas will be uncovered during this type of audit. Corrective measures are briefly described, and quick estimates of implementation cost, and simple payback periods are provided. This level of detail is adequate to prioritise energy-efficiency in the home or business and to determine the need for a more detailed audit if required.

2. General Audit

The general audit expands on the preliminary audit described above by collecting more detailed information about facility operation and by performing a more detailed evaluation of energy conservation measures. Utility bills are collected for a 12 to 36 month period to allow us to evaluate the facility's energy/demand rate structures and energy usage profiles. If smart meter data is available, the detailed energy profiles that this meter provides will typically be analysed for signs of energy waste.

In the case of a hotel or other business In-depth interviews with facility operating personnel are conducted to provide a better understanding of major energy consuming systems and to gain insight into short and longer term energy consumption patterns.
This type of audit will be able to identify all energy-conservation measures appropriate for the facility, given its operating parameters. A detailed financial analysis is performed for each measure based on detailed implementation cost estimates, site-specific operating cost savings, and the customer's investment criteria. Sufficient detail is provided to justify project implementation.

Keywords: alternative energy, Energy Audits, wind turbines

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