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By: Munster Pubs  05/12/2011
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Restaurant Reviews « Munster Pubs

Gourmet fine dining this is not.  Top quality food,  great staff and value for money this is……. An American diner in South Main Street… i have been here three or four times twice with a gaggle of kids and twice with a group of friends (worse than kids). 

firstly family experience… The moment we sat down with 3 kids ranging in age from 4 to 1 the waiting staff were outstanding.  it is truly a pleasure to be looked after by staff that actually like their job and want to be there.  Crayons and paper for kids, Pint of beer for dad (so when the kids kick off and disturb the restaurant he doesnt really mind) soft drink for wife (driver) and a menu that includes main course drink and dessert for kids for around €5.  When the kids did kick off the place was buzzing so much no one heard or cared and the waitress amused kids in her spare few seconds.  Adults food was good quality with plenty of it and served without undue delay.  The only negative thng i could say was that the toilets were not being kept as they should have been and unfortunately this is a situation i had noticed on previous visits.

This is also a great location for a night out with friends but i definitely wouldnt recommend it as a location for a romantic first date (that is if you want a second date).  Again the staff were friendly efficient helpful and the food was cooked well and you can see the chefs in the kitchen working away. The decor is on the lines of Planet Hollywood with movie memorabilia etc.  There are tables in rows like traditional diners and then you have the cubicles that allow intimate cosy settings for chatting and eating and the fact they serve beer and cocktails adds to the night out if you fancy that kind of thing…

Overall Captain Americas is what it sounds and that is an unpretentious American themed diner with top quality food service and atmosphere.

Cleanliness 7/10 (opinion formed solely on condition of toilets which is unfortunate)

Value 9/10 (especially with kids)

Food 8/10

Staff 10/10

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Keywords: waiting staff

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Since we started reviewing there have been lots that have closed down or are gone completely. There has been pubs closing down everywhere at an alarming rate.


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Since Ryan has decided to venture into hotels i suppose i’d better add my two-pence worth as well. Food We had both breakfast and dinner in the hotel and the breakfast stood out more to be honest. The most recent one i visited was The Temple Gate Hotel in Ennis Co. Clare. Staff & Service We found all the staff at this hotel to be quite helpful. I normally go away for weekend breaks and not on business.


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You’l find it on the Killarney side across from the turn off from my old Irish college town Cul Aodha. The Mills Inn has a fantastic reputation as a pub serving food and their drink isn’t too bad eithier. The toilets were in very good condition when i checked them and i couldn’t find fault there. I have been in here twice recently, once for a pint and on another occasion for food.


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So while we give our livers time to recover and our bank balances a bit longer to get ready for the next intensive round of reviewing, enjoy the truly massive amount of content that’s here already. Munster Pubs isn’t on temporary hiatus, it’s not a project that’s been abandoned by any means and there will be a triumphant return… at… some. You can always write your own review if you’re feeling especially wordy. I assure you, many good reasons.