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By: Msrdc Properties  05/12/2011
Keywords: real estate, property management

REAL ESTATE SALES - We could help you find, seek, assist and guide you on investing to the properties of your dreams where ever it is located in the Philippines. Our Property Consultants and Property Managers are professionals and are capable of helping you identify the properties you desire and need.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Property Owners who have acquired their properties from us have the privileges of getting hold of our Property Management Services wherein we act as the Property Managers for their properties in the Philippines while they are overseas or away from home.

We take care of the maintenance, administrations and management of your properties while you are away. We could find interested persons who would like to rent your properties and we take care of your properties the way you would as if you are present administering your own properties. This service is also available to those who have properties that they would like our company to administer and manage.

  • If the property owners are the ones who are going to use their properties in the Philippines, we could also provide the following additional services as part of our property management programs;
  1. Driver Services - this person could drive around the guests to whatever place of destination that they want to go to once they are here in the Philippines. They have the option to have the driver drive their own vehicles or ask us to provide them with rented car services with driver. The driver could also serve as security personnel since drivers that we have in our active pool have well-rounded skill sets. The drivers could provide them with “on-call” type of service.
      INTERIOR DESIGNS/DETAILING, RENOVATIONS AND CONSTRUCTION - Property owners who would like to renovate their houses, modify the interiors of their condo units to have posh interior designs could get in touch with us for these particular services. We have in-house Engineers, Architects and Contractors who could take charge of whatever construction requirements that our existing Property customers have.

Keywords: property management, real estate