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MS Track Features

The Client Interface

MS Track Pro’s client interface is designed to give the user vital information at a glance. Looking at this interface a user can easily identify the state of their fleet including speed, direction and any emergency notifications. From here a user can easily select a vehicle to view its history, plot it on a map, or view closest points of interests.

Multiple Mapping Engines

MS Track Pro is designed to work with more than one map engine. Most commonly used with MapPoint it can be used in conjunction with Google maps, MapQuest, MSN Maps or if necessary local vector maps for areas not covered by these mapping engines.

Auto Plot All Vehicles

A vital part of vehicle tracking and fleet management is plotting a vehicle’s position on a map. MS Track Pro enables a user to plot a single unit, all units or to auto plot a vehicle’s position when an emergency event happens. This gives a user instant access to important information. When this is combined with closest point of interest, clients’ sites, GeoFencing or regional buffer zones provides a powerful tool to manage a fleet, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Auto Plot Emergency Vehicles

In the unfortunate event of something going wrong a fleet manager needs instant access to the location of the vehicle. With MS Track Pro this is not a problem. Our system can be set to instantly notify the user of an emergency event (such as an overheating fridge unit or a driver initiated emergency event) and immediately plot the vehicle’s location on a map. This will greatly increase response time saving time, money and ultimately making your fleet more efficient.

Manage Vehicles

Fleet management is about information, efficiency, and productivity. This requires a management system that provides information that is readily available. Information such as running costs, maintenance intervals, mileage etc. MS Track Pro provides the perfect solution offering instant access to vehicle information and a wide range of user defined reports. See user reports for more.
Displaying Historical Vehicle Information


Fleet management is also about communication. Fast, efficient communication between the control centre and driver enables a fleet to remain flexible and respond in real time to the demands on the ground. With MS Track Pro our clients can send and receive messages to and from vehicles and drivers. Using the latest technology our system will send GPS co-ordinates directly to the vehicle’s navigation unit boosting driver efficiency and performance.  

Monitoring and Managing Drivers

Fleet management and vehicle tracking is not only about managing and tracking vehicles, it’s about managing drivers as well. MS Track Pro provides up to date, real-time information on drivers and driving conditions. This includes hours worked (which helps to monitor a fleet’s cost), excessive speeding reports, excessive idle time reports, deviation from routes and which driver is driving which vehicle. This makes our software a very useful asset in human resource management and can be used to decrease a fleets costs, increase productivity and efficiency.

GeoFences and Region Management

Fleet management and vehicle tracking needs to take cognisance of geographical and regional data. With MS Track Pro our clients can set GeoFences, bufferzones and monitor regional activity. This is very important in a wide range of scenarios. For example; in monitoring activity around a site (such as a client’s warehouse) or in locations where different states apply different tax rates forcing fleets to monitor their activities. For these scenarios there is no better software than MS Track Pro.  

User-defined Sites

The ability to define sites enables MS Track Pro users to quickly monitor vehicle activity in and around user defined sites. For example; identifying which vehicle is closest to a client’s base, identifying the nearest reloading site, monitoring vehicle activity in and around a user defined site (such as a client’s warehouse). This helps to improve efficiency ensuring that the nearest vehicle is routed first. Our clients can define a multitude of sites from client addresses, reloading sites, refuelling locations, pit stops, sites of interest to maintenance depots.    

Closest Point of Interest

MS Track Pro can be set to automatically show a point of interest such as a client’s address, a warehouse or a maintenance depot. This is vital information in fleet management as it enables our clients to quickly identify where a vehicle is in relation to other points of interest.

Interface with a Garmin GPS

Using the latest technology MS Track Pro will send GPS information directly to a vehicles’ navigation system. This enables a driver to select the destination at the touch of a button and avoids the hassle of writing down addresses and manually entering them into a navigation device. This feature also improves efficiency and safety.

Monitoring Auxiliary Devices and Inputs

Vehicle management is often more than monitoring vehicles and fleets, it can be about monitoring auxiliary devices. This may for example be a fridge or a sweeper. With MS Track Pro a user is able to monitor these devices remotely. For example a user may wish to monitor the temperature of the fridge unit, or the condition of the sweeper brushes. MS Track Pro can give up to date information and alert the user when values are outside of the normal range such as when a fridge over heats or a sweeper unit malfunctions.

Remote Access to Auxiliary Inputs/Outputs

MS Track Pro can be set to turn off an auxiliary device remotely. For example a user may wish to turn off the ignition of a vehicle or disable a siren. This is very useful in a number of situations such as when a vehicle has been stole and needs to be deactivated safely.       

User Defined Reports

Information is key to fleet management. MS Track Prop has a wide range of reports designed to give fleet managers up-to date information. With over 40 user designed reports fleet managers have access to an incredible amount of information and statistics. These reports include information such as: trip data (speed, distance, time) vehicle usage, driver focused reports (such as driver allocations, overtime and history), maintenance reports, events/exceptions reports (including excessive driving or idle time), site reports such as GeoFencing and buffer zone reports not to mention details of vehicles entering and leaving buffer zones, and message reports.   

Additional features

The features mentioned on this page are just some of the key features of MS Track Pro. With hundreds of features designed to help you manage your fleet and track your vehicles MS Track Pro offers the best solution on the market today. More than this, MS Track Pro is continuing to listen to clients and develop its software around market demands.

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