By: Morehampton Clinic  05/12/2011

                                              Morehampton Podiatry Clinic

A podiatrist is the only health care professional whose total training focuses on the foot, ankle and related body systems. The origin of the word Podiatry comes from Ancient Greek, meaning podos – foot, iatros – physician and is the modern term for a Chiropodist.

Our podiatrist Mary Moore has eleven years of experience, assessing and treating foot and lower leg conditions. She is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrist of Ireland and is HSE recognized.

After completing her Bachelor of Medical Science with Honors in Podiatry, from Queens University Belfast, Mary completed a Masters in Clinical Podiatric Biomechanics from Staffordshire University; this study developed her expertise in assessing adverse foot mechanics and walking patterns, which can lead to painful foot and lower limb conditions making daily activity such as standing and walking difficult and can cause exercise induced injuries to those participating in sport of all levels.

As a specialist in foot care, Mary cares for people of all ages, treating a range of common disorders including bunions, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, neuromas, ingrown toenails, verruca, corns and calluses. She cares for Diabetic, Arthritic and Rheumatoid foot conditions also.  She has a specialist interest in the ‘Growing foot’ and the role of good footwear for injury prevention in Sports and for all activities. She can prescribe Orthotics and Surgical footwear if required.

Mary attends the clinic every Tuesday; appointment can be made on 018623866. For more information regarding fees and services visit www.marymoorepodiatry

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