By: Moqom  05/12/2011
Keywords: staff training, fraud, Fraud Prevention


What is the Fraud Prevention System (FPS)?

Moqom's FPS allows Issuing banks to:

  • Eliminate False Positives
  • Automate text notification to cardholder on suspect transactions
  • Let cardholder verify or flag suspect transactions instantly
  • Discover and block compromised cards from further fraud, without delay
  • Create more efficient fraud analysis, reduces the cost and increases the fraud "catch" rate

How does FPS benefit the Issuing bank?

  • Eliminate False positives
  • Massive cost / time saving - reduces the time it takes to verify and investigate a suspect transaction
  • Enables the cardholder to quickly alert the bank of fraudulent transactions preventing further fraud
  • Provides a fast, efficient and cost effective method of alerting cardholders to potential fraud
  • Increases the number of actual fraudulent transactions detected
  • Increases the number of potentially fraudulent transactions that can be investigated by a bank
  • Improves staff efficiency and productivity; significantly reducing the cost associated with fraud detection
  • Fully automated, highly secure, hosted solution, requiring no installation on bank's premises
  • FPS is intuitive requiring minimal staff training
  • Improves customer relations - customers feel more secure and early detection avoids disputes

Keywords: fraud, Fraud Prevention, Fraud Prevention System, staff training,

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Moqom has created a suite of new products that are aimed at Issuing Banks in order to prevent and tackle credit card and debit card fraud.?Moqom's Issuing Bank Products can work independently of each other or work together to offer an overall complete solution. Now, with an up-to-date mobile phone database, the bank can use FPS to quickly interact with cardholders on querying card transactions via SMS, WAP, or IVR.


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