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By: Moore Group  05/12/2011
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Experimental Archaeology in Northwest Europe: Principles and Potential Declan, Billy and Nigel will be presenting on Friday in UCD at 2ish as part of a Seminar on Experimental Archaeology. Here’s the outline from UCD: Experimental Archaeology has recently re-emerged as an approach enabling us to think about the past in practical ways, while it also [..]

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And in other news, Digging the Dirt is serialising a piece in this months Current Archaeology – see here for part 1 and here for part 2…and here for part 3 or for those of you in the UK Check out the latest Current Archaeology, or tune to Digging the Dirt next Friday for the [..]

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Turtle Bunbury has  a great piece in today’s Irish Daily Mail about the beer and our annual ‘Headfest’, featuring a very menacing looking Nigel working over our beer pot. The event was great fun and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks very much to everyone who helped, and to anyone I’ve forgotten to list below: [..]

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The Moore Resource Centre is a project initiated by Moore Archaeological and Environmental Services and Moore Marine Ltd. The aim of the project is to build an open-source, membership based, comprehensive tool and source of relevant information to anyone undertaking a range of activities or projects on the Island or off the shore of Ireland. [..]

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Things have been a little quiet here lately. We’ve been extremely busy with a range of projects and blogging has been lower on our list of priorities for the past few weeks.  We’re also on the cusp of launching our new website, to replace our existing site which is now a little dated. One of [..]

UPDATE: NO NEED FOR A PREVIEW OF WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT! Here’s a sneak preview of the splash page (draft version) for our new websites (Moore Archaeological & Environmental Services & Moore Marine), currently nearing completion over at Block5 design. We’re quite happy with it so far. I realise that this is not a groundbreaking, [..]

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We’ve posted a more detailed piece on Cahercommaun following it’s identification by Brian Dolan for your further reading. As Declan solved When on Google Earth 79 (WhenonGE) at Matts WOGE, after some very significant clues, here’s WhenonGE 80… So once again here are the rules: Q: What is When on Google Earth? A: It’s a [..]

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The imminent arrival of the Volvo Ocean Race in Galway prompted us to place an ad in one of the local papers – the Galway Independent. Readers can follow the Irish – Chinese entry, Green Dragon (at the time of writing they’re lying in fifth place) at their website here. Here’s our in-house designed advert [..]

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Via Eachtra (who have gone live with an impressive new website), we found Wordle. As Eachtra state, the words we use can say a great deal about us and we found the results interesting – a lot of earth, stone and fire, with the occasional ‘colour’ and a little ‘bragging’ (with a hint of ‘won’ [..]

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An initiative of The Heritage Council of Ireland (and funded by the Heritage Council) the web-based resource ‘www.coastalheritage.ie‘ is a tool and information source for those initiating or taking part in projects in the coastal zone, and who wish to inform themselves on heritage issues in the marine and coastal area. Moore Group, along with [..]

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Looking around the interweb to see where the beer fulacht theory has been discussed, and found this, the theory being discussed in the hallowed, um, threads (?) of politics.ie And our sincere apologies if we disappointed the person who did a search for ‘men in lederhosen’ recently and came across our Octoberfest post.

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Phlllp Hensher (not sure if this is meant to be Phillip Hensher) writes in the Sunday Tribune today about displaying the dead. In a meandering and ill-thought out piece (imho) he criticises the unveiling of Tutankhamun’s body and rails at the ‘recent’ habit of displaying the bodies of ‘unremarkable’ people. By ‘unremarkable’ he seems to [..]

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This is the link to the Irish Times article Conor Pope wrote about The Great Beer Experiment that appeared in August and instigated the huge coverage we received. We just saw Conor last night on a TV ad for a new RTE programme starting on Sunday night – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (thats the programme name by [..]

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Looking to watch some internet tv on tv-links (a now defunct tv website – see below) last night and ended up very dissappointed to read this at theregister.co.uk “Gloucestershire police have confirmed that a 26-year-old Cheltenham man at the centre of an investigation into the website TV-Links was arrested under section 92 of the Trade [..]

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For those of you who have a deep interest in the Archaeology of Beer, Spirits, Wine and Pleasure in general, here’s the beginning of a big beer bibliography and source list, with a very brief description of the contents. We’ll continue to add to it over time and hopefully someone will find it a useful [..]

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According to Wiki – Interval = certain subset of an ordered set. There has been a certain subset of an ordered set on the Moore Group blog. It’s been very busy and due to a number of conflicting events we were unable to attend the Great Irish Beer Festival and so can’t comment on it’s [..]

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Ale, brewing and fulacht fiadh Billy Quinn and Declan Moore of Moore Environmental and Archaeological Consultants in Galway present a bleary eyed experimental reassessment of the nature and function of fulacht fiadh The majority of Irish field monuments are defined by their names – a standing stone is a standing stone and a ringfort is [..]

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Oktoberfest Munich’s Oktoberfest began in 1810 as a horse race to mark the marriage of the Crown Prince (Ludwig – see footnote) of Bavaria, later King Ludwig I (1786 – 1868) to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. The race was soon combined with the state agricultural fair, and food and drink offered. In the late 20th [..]

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Keywords: Archaeology, beer, Resource Centre

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Beer bibliography – Moore Group

For those of you who have a deep interest in the Archaeology of Beer, Spirits, Wine and Pleasure in general, here’s the beginning of a big beer bibliography and source list, with a very brief description of the contents.


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Billy Quinn Here’s a summary of excavation work carried out by Billy for Moore Marine at Raheen Mill, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary last year. Found throughout the world Humpbacks feed mainly on Krill, a type of shrimp-like marine crustacean and other small fish. Our source in the Marine Institute has tipped us off to the following excellent links…. The Marine Institute is the Irish national agency responsible for Marine.


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By 2005 we had built a great deal of experience in environmental consultancy, and we advertised this service a little more seriously with this advert designed by Bloom Advertising in Dublin. There’s been mention recently in the Irish and International media of the controversial process of gas extraction using hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ as it’s come to be known.


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It appears from the hits that we get, that there are still a lot of people out there that are interested in aquaponics and the good news is that for those of you who are, but weren’t sure how to go about it, life just got a whole lot easier. Nigel’s fled to the warmer climes of Western Australia for a well deserved holiday, so this is just a quick photo-update on our small experimental backyard aquaponics facility.


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On architectural job losses and planning, more garbage patches – this time in the North Atlantic, Irish Film Stereotypes, Atheistic visitors to the Emerald Isle, Adolf Hitler and his fondness for Trad and. Gathering stuff from the internest on Beer, Archaeology, the Environment, Aquaponics and anything else that strikes us as interesting, since May.