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By: Moore Group  05/12/2011
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By 2005 we had built a great deal of experience in environmental consultancy, and we advertised this service a little more seriously with this advert designed by Bloom Advertising in Dublin.

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There’s been mention recently in the Irish and International media of the controversial process of gas extraction using hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ as it’s come to be known. Two companies have been issued onshore petroleum licences in the area of Lough Allen (Tamboran Resources and Langco). Put simply the fracking process involves pumping a mixture [..]

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The blog lately has become a series of announcements and press releases from other agencies and organisations. This is mostly because, despite everything that’s going on in the country, we’re still very busy. Of course, there’s fewer of us, and a bigger workload, but that’s a good complaint, I suppose. We’ll get back to blogging [..]

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Our Resource Centre aims to be an open-source comprehensive tool and source of relevant information to anyone undertaking a range of activities or projects on the Island or off the shore of Ireland. The Centre will address the areas of planning, cultural heritage, coastal and marine issues, the natural environment and biodiversity and related issues. Stage 1 [..]

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Via the Marine Institute: A new and improved version of the European Atlas of the Seas is now available on the website of DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries: http://ec.europa.eu/maritimeatlas It includes 24 new maps ETC… New maps include: Natura 2000 protected maritime sites Pollution response vessels Coastal GDP The atlas is an easy way for students, [..]

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From the Heritage Council: ‘The final version of the Heritage Council’s  Best Practice Guidance for Habitat Survey and Mapping is now available on our website at www.heritagecouncil.ie This publication presents current best practice guidance for survey and mapping of habitats in the Republic of Ireland, and is aimed primarily at those who conduct or commission habitat surveys. Its [..]

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This just in from http://www.biodiversityireland.ie/ ‘BioBlitz is a scientific race against time. The aim of this fun event is to find as many species as possible within a park over a 24 hour period. During last year’s event, the champions, Connemara National Park recorded a massive 542 species over a 24 hour period. Again this [..]

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Lagarosiphon major, Curly leaved pond weed or African pondweed, was first identified in Lough Corrib in April 2005.  Native to southern Africa, the plant quickly overtook native plant growth and threatened fish stocks in the lake. Not only does it threaten the biodiversity of Lough Corrib, but its biomass can interfere with navigation and water-based [..]

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We’ve added a new section on our main website detailing the appropriate assessment requirements. What is Appropriate Assessment and when is it needed? Article 6(3) of the Habitats Directive requires that: ‘Any plan or project not directly connected with or necessary to the management of the site but likely to have a significant effect thereon, [..]

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The Department of Environment, Heritage & Local Government has issued recent Guidance on Appropriate Assessment, A copy of the Guidance Document can be downloaded here. Appropriate Assessment is defined as: ‘An assessment carried out under Article 6(3) of the Habitats Directive of the implications of a plan or project, either individually or in combination with other [..]

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Well bloggers,  it’s time to get the spade out and throw some shape on that quagmire excuse for a garden.  Every year I think the same thing, I’m going to fill it in with gravel and deck the edges, it’s just a bit of bog anyway.  But then I don’t get around to it and [..]

Well bloggers, it seems not everyone is that taken with the joys of nature. Declan is losing sleep over it! You see he lives beside a roost of Whooper Swans. ‘But’, I hear you say, ‘swans aren’t that noisy’ ….well these are, have a listen to the video. There’s no picture because it’s night but [..]

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Well bloggers, today’s entry will be a short one as I’m up to my eyes (thank feck).  While researching the (Draft) Galway County Development Plan 2009 – 2015 for policy on visual impact assessment and protected views, I reviewed the section on Guidelines for Heritage, Landscape and Environmental Management and noticed that Galway County Council [..]

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Well bloggers, Sunday is the 1st day of Spring, we’ve done it, survived another Irish winter. Doesn’t seem that long since the 21st of December and the depth of it. So things are stirring, birds are getting noisier in the morning and the daffodil shoots are well on the way in the garden. The grey [..]

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Well bloggers, there is a lot of chat about the unfortunate Fin whale stranded in Courtmacsherry Bay, Co Cork yesterday.  Before you all go rushing to comment with the adolescent (‘I suppose his parents didn’t understand him!’) teenage suicide off the coast of Cork not Portugal puns, here’s a thought.  Why would a whale intentionally [..]

No Friday Flora and Fauna this week as we’re off for a quiet, relaxing afternoon off and polite evening meal somewhere in town. FFF will be in hibernation until after the Christmas. Photo owned by wetwebwork (cc)

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Well bloggers.  Seeing as this is the first post in a new thread, I thought I’d start with the topic of communication.  Blogging , obviously, is a form of communication or display.  A way of sort of putting yourself out there and waiting to see if you’ll attract some or any attention.  Let’s leave the [..]

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As of 2001, 24 cetacean species have been recorded in Irish waters (Berrow, 2001) of which the Harbour Porpoise is the most common. This past summer has been a busy year for dolphin and whale spotters, most notably the three sightings of blue whale in recent weeks. In 1991 the Irish government declared all Irish [..]

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Gathering stuff from the internets on Beer, Archaeology, the Environment, Aquaponics and anything else that strikes us as interesting, since May. On Charles Krauthammer and drilling oil in the Arctic, U2′s planning permission, binge drinking and the nanny state, the origins of Heather Ale, and God, hate crime and the desecration of the host. Sometimes [..]

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Posted by Niall Pictured above is a common lizard (Lacerata vivipara), Irelands only native reptile – one of a number of individuals spotted in the Ballycurren area of Headford by Nigel recently. The common lizard is seldom spotted but considered to be widespread in Ireland. The distribution and requirements of the species are currently being [..]

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Posted by Eoghan, Moore Marine In 2006, in conjunction with University College Cork Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre and Aquatic Services Unit, Orla Power for Moore Marine worked on the cultural heritage impacts as part of the ‘Literature review on the impacts of boat wash on the heritage of Ireland’s inland waterways’, commissioned by the [..]

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And another Moore Marine post – posted by Eoghan…. Zebra Mussels in Hand Many divers and boat users will be aware of the arrival of Zebra Mussels into our freshwater rivers and lakes. These light and dark striped shell bivalves have gained a ferocious reputation for destroying host environments and affecting freshwater ecosystems. As divers, [..]

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“Lad’s, I’m changing, I’ve seen the light…” This is our introduction to Blacky (not his real name). He’s a big man, he changes a light bulb in the hotel meeting room without a stepladder, without a chair, he must be 6’5. He’s wide too, a stomach for pints (for supporting them while he leans against [..]

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Keywords: Pollution Response, Resource Centre

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For those of you who have a deep interest in the Archaeology of Beer, Spirits, Wine and Pleasure in general, here’s the beginning of a big beer bibliography and source list, with a very brief description of the contents.


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Billy Quinn Here’s a summary of excavation work carried out by Billy for Moore Marine at Raheen Mill, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary last year. Found throughout the world Humpbacks feed mainly on Krill, a type of shrimp-like marine crustacean and other small fish. Our source in the Marine Institute has tipped us off to the following excellent links…. The Marine Institute is the Irish national agency responsible for Marine.


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Brewing and fulacht fiadh Billy Quinn and Declan Moore of Moore Environmental and Archaeological Consultants in Galway present a bleary eyed experimental reassessment of the nature and function of fulacht fiadh The majority of Irish field monuments are defined by their names – a standing stone is a standing stone and a ringfort is.


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It appears from the hits that we get, that there are still a lot of people out there that are interested in aquaponics and the good news is that for those of you who are, but weren’t sure how to go about it, life just got a whole lot easier. Nigel’s fled to the warmer climes of Western Australia for a well deserved holiday, so this is just a quick photo-update on our small experimental backyard aquaponics facility.


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On architectural job losses and planning, more garbage patches – this time in the North Atlantic, Irish Film Stereotypes, Atheistic visitors to the Emerald Isle, Adolf Hitler and his fondness for Trad and. Gathering stuff from the internest on Beer, Archaeology, the Environment, Aquaponics and anything else that strikes us as interesting, since May.