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By: Gaelicperformance  05/12/2011

No Pressure to Pressure

Drills and Games

Kick to the Zone

Continuous Overload

Two Goal Game

Crossfield Ball

Defend and Break

Gates Game

Angled Goals

Goal or End Zone

GO Games ( 3 Games)

Target Man

Increase the Pressure

Multiple Balls

Kick and Get out

Play it Wide

2 Runners

2 games of 2v1

Take On your Man

Tackle Alley

Score in all 4 Goals

One Team Keep One Team Score

One Team Possession One Team Score

Pass and Run

Play Maker

Possession Game

Work it to the Square

Free your Team Mate

Small Sided Games have helped to develop the best players in the world in all sorts of team sports. Look at Brazilian soccer, US basketball, and many other sports and you will find that the foundations of the greatest players lye in the places where they played small games with friends. The Kids created the games themselves, and played them in the environment in which they felt most comfortable and
made the greatest improvement. 

This dvd is presented in an easy to use format that allows coaches to implement the games quickly into their own training sessions. Each game is animated, and explained with both text and voice over. The games will help you solve problems that you find at all levels in Gaelic Football, and these games can be used at all age groups. you will be able to make your training session much more enjoyable for everybody

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