High Durability Black Latex Gloves

By: Gaelicperformance  05/12/2011

Our gloves are continuously developed on an ongoing basis, through a simple process of "Trial and Error". 
As a new glove was produced, it would be tested in the field by county players and based on this feedback, 
a new version of the glove would be developed. This process takes time and patience, but we feel that 
we are producing gloves that are better than most gloves out there. 


So What have is Improved?

Extremely tight fitting

Strong Velcro Wrist fastener

Longer lasting Latex

Excellent Grip for the wet

What do the players say about our gloves? 

GaelicPerformance gloves are exactly what a GaelicFootballer wants in a glove. Tight,Hard Wearing, and a great grip"
Declan O Sullivan , Kerry 

" Gloves are gloves, but I honestly believe that GaelicPerformance 

gloves are better than anything else out there" 

Paul Finlay , Monaghan 

Just some of the Players who have worn our gloves

Declan o Sullivan

Paddy Keenan

Paul Casey

Paul Finlay

Kevin Mc Kernan

Dan Gordon

Colm Cavanagh

Paudie Kissane

Daniel Goulding

Tommy Freeman

Paul Flynn

Many Many others

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