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By: Mjm & Associates  05/12/2011
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Risk Assessment

The reputations and credibility of people and businesses, in the current economic climate, depends to a larger degree than ever on how they respond to crisis caused by the ever changing economic environment.

The perceived response of both individuals and businesses can be either greatly enhanced or seriously damaged by the organisation and communication skills displayed in responding to a crisis in a structured and timely fashion.  This judgement by others; creditors, financial backers, suppliers and customers is based primarily on the methods used in response to the business challenge and the communication that occurs throughout the emergency management period.

Crisis situations invariably allow for only short decision times in which management skills and techniques are required to identify, assess, understand, and implement the planning and strategy to cope with a serious situation.

Flexibility in thinking is often required as in many instances the crisis involves a process of transformation in response to a changed economic environment in which the familiar and previously successful system can no longer be maintained.

Crisis is an aspect of risk management.  No matter how well risk is managed, the elimination of risk is not possible, the objective is the control and minimisation of risk and to identify procedures which will contribute to the implementation of methods of response to both the reality and perception of crisis and which facilitate a successful crisis communication process from the moment it first occurs to the point that stability is regained.

The art is to define the crisis, what has caused it, and what will defuse it quickly, economically and without damage to the reputation and future prospects of the clients.  This can only be achieved through a calm and detached appreciation of all the aspects involved and in devising a plan with a strategy which can be implemented with the resources available.

    Provide assistance to identify resources and future ability to repay debts in structured, pre-planned and negotiated agreement with creditors.

    Over optimism about future developments is often the cause of a rift between debtors and creditors – we help you focus on the variables which you can control and to minimise the ones which are externally generated.

    Most creditors are amenable to negotiate on well structured pre-planned repayments which can be achieved and where there is every incentive for them to be adhered to.  

    Addressing issues in dispute in a calm resolute manner with respect for the other parties’ point of view is the only way to achieve lasting and positive settlement.

    This is often difficult for the parties involved due to emotional involvement.

    Trained mediators can create a secure space where the relevant issues can be addressed and solutions acceptable to all parties achieved.

      Our experience and advice in negotiations have proved invaluable to our clients.  No situation exists that cannot be improved upon by structured professional negotiation.

        Our aim is always to create a situation of “win-win” by negotiation in a principled fashion.  If litigation is unavoidable, management of your costs and your time are of the essence as there is no litigation without risk, especially as regards time lost and direct and indirect costs incurred.

        As accredited mediators with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, members of the Mediators Institute of Ireland, The Commercial Mediators Association   we offer a full mediation service to parties in dispute.  Mediation avoids the time lost and the high levels of costs involved in litigation, and it allows the parties in dispute retain ownership and control whilst working to arrive at their own solution without adjudication from outside parties.

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Keywords: accredited mediators, Chartered Institute, Commercial Mediators, Mediation Service, Mediators