By: Microweb Consulting  05/12/2011

Microweb Consulting have the business and technical experience to offer a portfolio of services in Management and Information systems. We use proven methodologies to manage, plan, analyse, design and implement business focused solutions.

We have many years experience of helping clients scope, define and manage ICT programmes and we understand the challenge involved in getting agreement on change.

Strategic Planning of Information Systems

We provide practical recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of ICT.  By integrating ICT strategy with business strategy, we ensure that ICT increases its value within the organisation

Business case development, system scoping and definition

We have considerable experience developing public and private sector business cases that are robust and complete, satisfying internal and external requirements.  The business case is initially used to create a compelling case for change, build commitment and obtain investment approval.

Business Process Innovation

We use visual modelling to define current processes in order to identify weaknesses and bottlenecks.  We have successfully worked with clients to deliver improved and optimised business operations.

Requirements Definition

We are particularly skilled at working with all stakeholders in a collaborative way to fully understand, analyse, specify, and validate business and user requirements.

Tender and Procurement Support

We have considerable experience in the procurement of systems and extensive knowledge of the tendering and selection process.

Quality Assurance & Implementation Support

We provide quality assurance to monitor progress and the quality of work undertaken, co-ordinate regular review meetings, raising issues for consideration and resolution and recommending actions to ensure successful project outcome.  

Programme and Project Management

We use the leading methodologies and have a proven record in delivering projects on-time and within budget.