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By: Micros Fidelio  05/12/2011
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For the service that can be as low as a cup of coffee per day


EM Bureau is an innovative suite of applications and service that allows the hospitality operator to focus on running their operation rather than spending hours in the office managing their Point of Sale system. Every part of the MICROS application can be managed by the EM Bureau service team, from a simple price change to a complete change of menu items and screens. This service is hosted from our dedicated hosting centre.

Common Features managed

Centrally Maintained Database

- Menu Items / Combo Meals / Price Bandings / Employees

Daily scheduled and verified back-ups of the Central Database/s

Store Configuration

Cost Savings

Reduced Cost of System expertise needed at Property level / Installation and on-going

Reduced Cost of new Property Openings

Multiple handling of different Property Concepts (QSR / TSR / Retail)

Accurate and timely deployment of New Menus, Prices and Changes

Annual Housekeeping of Property Database and Validation (Overnight)

Additional Services Offered – Prices on request

Weekly Sales reporting

Weekly Menu Item consumption reporting

MyInventory Management ( Food & Beverage Stock)

- Management of Recipes / Menu Item linking / Suppliers (not Cost Prices)

MyLabour Management (Labour Management)

Employees All general information

Target Market

Our EM Bureau service can provide any hospitality or retail outlet with the facility to centralise the day to day management of their systems. The solution can be offered to any outlet, SME group or corporate group with a wish to centralise their solution

RES EM Application Suite

EM Bureau

Combining the EM Bureau service with the power of the Restaurant Enterprise System (RES) you get an end to end solution that reduces your day to day costs, allows you to create new sites with assurance that the entire configuration is ready to go.

Even if you have different styles of operations a fast food and a full table service these can be grouped and managed via the EM Bureau service, ensuring your focus can be fully on your customers.


EM Bureau is currently supported with the following MICROS version:

• MICROS RES 3700 v4.0 or higher

• MICROS LES 9700 v3.0 or higher

• MICROS Simphony v1.0.4 or higher

MF Deployment Manager

The MF Deployment Manager automates and optimizes the delivery of files and updates to local stores. During a communication session between the Store level Server and the central SFTP Host, MF Deployment Manager automatically checks for new updates, verifies that it is current, and then downloads the files and generates logs for return. Then only the necessary files are delivered, using the communication optimization features of the MF Deployment Application to minimize connected time.

Once the remote connection is complete, MF Deployment Manager performs the software installation or update automatically without requiring any end-user intervention. This automated delivery eliminates the need for on-site IT support, reduces help-desk calls, and ensures central control and consistency of software deployment and installation.

In addition, MF Deployment Software Manager ensures that the software being distributed is compatible with existing client software and hardware. It does this by performing criteria checks on disk space, registry keys, or operating system requirements, before delivering and installing software. Once software is delivered to the user’s system, the communication session ends and the offline software installation occurs, lowering both communication time and costs.

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The MICROS-Fidelio outsourcing or hosting infrastructure and partnership enable your company to take advantage of our wider capabilities and resources in research,development and consulting to solve your specific business and IT challenges, increase your strategic effectiveness and implement better ways of doing business.


Application Services

We have a three-tier support infrastructure consisting of local level 1 support teams backed up by highly specialised level 2 experts who operate from our regional support centres in Ireland and Germany. In addition to supporting our own applications, MICROS-Fidelio provides reliable and competitive operating system and network-related support and on-site service based on your maintenance contract.


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Integrating the customer’s existing payroll, accounting, inventory and other systems to core MICROS products provides a smoothly integrated solution that sets us apart from other vendors. With its in-depth knowledge of MICROS products and the hospitality industry, MICROS Professional Services provides on-site consulting for its customers’ specific projects.


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The team, consisting of Programme Managers, Project Managers and a Project Office team, are trained in Prince 2 and PMI and all have a strong background in your business sector, whether it be hospitality or retail. This means that a detailed plan will be available to manage the next phase on the plan plus those activities required to enable following phases to commence on time.


Consulting Service

IT plays a vital role for hoteliers, chains or investors in finding the appropriate solution to manage the different operations of the Hospitality industry efficiently in order to meet or to exceed current customer needs and outshine the competition.



With a global distribution and service network in place, our support and service package serves the entire spectrum: from major internationals, regional chains and local independentsto single-site installations, centralised global enterprise applications and even completely hosted solutions.