By: Mhinvent  05/12/2011

MHI has developed, and patented (worldwide), products that secure and protect access to online services. The MHI Secure Communications System makes it possible to secure communications between users and services, across any network, from any type of device - particularly mobile / smartphone devices.

Simple, Secure, Strong - Each element within the MHI System contributes to securing communications between users and services, and to protecting services against threats, vulnerabilities and exploits. The system works without certificates, tokens or other complex mechanisms, yet is completely compatible with legacy equipment and infrastructure. MHI is therefore a low risk approach for enhancing the security of legacy services and enabling newer and expanded services.

The MHI System enables applications and solutions for a variety of industries, including Mobile banking, Online banking, eWallets, ePayments, VPN, Safe ISP / Internet services, Intranet, Social Networking, Single Sign-On, Cloud and more.

MHI Eagle delivers a unique solution to the ubiquitous password problem. Eagle uses a patented concept which we call ‘Analogue Sign-On’ as a superior and easier alternative to username and passcode, token, or one-time PIN entry.

Eagle works as illustrated in the diagram opposite. For each sign-on, Eagle presents the user with something they recognise and select, but are fundamentally different at a digital level each time.

Eagle generates an extremely long, one-time passcode, which is immune to Man-in-the-Middle, Keystroke or Screen Logging, and it prevents most Social Engineering Scams or Shoulder Surfing exploits. Eagle provides an easy to remember password alternative which is stronger than 2-factor authentication, without the need for any form of tokens or second device. In addition Eagle simplifies access for smartphone / mobile device users.

MHI Hawk removes all context from a secured communication - login information is never transmitted, nor anything usable to a third party such as service URL, or user ID. Hawk encrypts all data from end-to-end and works without the need for certificates or tokens.

MHI Eagle - client-server implementation of MHI Secure Authentication Protocol, that delivers strong, single device, multi-factor authentication, equivalent to a user remembering a series of 100,000+ character one-time passcodes.

  • Patented Secure Authentication Protocol
  • Easy to use and remember
  • Replaces usernames and passwords altogether
  • Strong 2-factor authentication without a second device or tokens
  • Added immunity against social engineering and password stealing threats
  • Solution to the ‘Ubiquitous Password Problem’
  • Image based authentication - standard or personalised decks of images
  • Something I have, something I am

MHI Hawk - client-server implementation of MHI Secure Communications Protocol, that secures communications and access between services and users, for mobile, PC and non-traditional devices and networks.

  • Patented Secure Communications Protocol
  • End-to-end encryption of all data
  • Strong mutual authentication
  • Freedom from certificates or tokens, but fully compatible also
  • Log in without transmitting a username or password
  • Protection against threats such as Banking Trojans (Zeus, SpyEye..), Man-in-the-Middle, Phishing, Pharming, Session Hijacking, Brute force, etc.
  • Supports PC, mobile and non-traditional devices
  • Works across any network, any protocols
  • Easy integration with client applications

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