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By: Mercurygirl Inc  05/12/2011
Keywords: Mobile Apps, Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

MercuryGirl handles the entire lifecycle of your mobile application needs. We are the only development house in Ireland that codes iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile. We provide content managment for your mobile apps so that you can change content in your app anytime you wish. See how we can help you realise you mobile vision and contact us for a free consultation.

Web Platform Programming

We have helped build social networks and large facebook promotional campaigns with applications. The most important thing after your needs is your audience and their needs. We approach each project with you and your audience in mind. We create front end and back end applications. These can be content managment systems in the backend or complex flash or HTML5 websites in the front end.

Social Media Campaign

Designing and developing social media campaigns in facebook applications, twitter applications and emerging platforms. MercuryGirl brings a bespoke look and feel to each interactive campaign.

Hardened Testing

In todays web environment companies need to be mindful that there are individuals and groups that may wish to aquire information from or shut down websites. We provide a level of testing in all of our web development projects that insures that your website has been stress tested to the maximum level of security. We can also perform an audit on existing websites to highlight any flaws that may be existing in current security.

Mobile Acceptence Testing

The last phase of your development before you send your app out into the big bad world to all your users. We provide the last word in user acceptance testing. We provide 3 levels of product stress here.

UIX = User Interface

Your mobile application and website need to look the best in class. Our design team brings a best in class look and feel to each project we work on, weather it is web interactive, social media or mobile applications, we design digital. 

Our clients in this area range from large sports brands to the Irish Government. We work with the latest technologies and best in class methods to bring outstanding visuals and useability to your project.

Usability Testing

You have been delivered a website or piece of software and feel that it can be better? With a proven set of testing methods we can discover what may be the issues and make recommendations there after.

Legacy Mobile Applications

Saved money with a cheap mobile developer or outsourcer but now you're paying the price with slow or buggy apps? We specialise in getting poorly developed mobile apps up to scratch.

Quality Assurance

For software vendors
We bring a level of third party testing to your software project. We provide real users on real devices to find bugs through repetitive testing and multiple scenario testing environments.

Keywords: Mobile Application Development, Mobile Apps