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By: Memory Foam Warehouse  05/12/2011
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It is a fact that 39% of people in the UK suffer from overheating at night.

The result of this is almost always a poor quality sleep and a lack of freshness throughout the day. Overheating will cause you to toss and turn, kick the covers off and subsequently become too cold. This problem can largely be resolved by changing to a lighter weight duvet, but the use of Outlast fabric in the cover of the mattress will make a significant improvement.

Outlast was developed for NASA in the 1980’s to help to regulate the temperature of astronauts so it carries the prestige of being Certified Space Technology.

The human body has its own mechanism to regulate temperature – sweating, but this is not the desirable outcome when you are lying in bed. On average a person will sweat about one third of a pint of fluid into their mattress every night, which for two people in a double bed equates to 30 gallons of sweat per year.

Outlast effectively draws out and stores heat energy from the human body, so as you start to warm up the effect of the fabric is to cool you down again. When you cool down however the Outlast in the mattress cover will slowly begin to release the heat energy which has been stored preventing you from getting cold. The outcome is a micro climate in which the bodies temperature is managed and regulated by Outlast to prevent the peaks and troughs which would cause restless sleep.

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