Collaborate, Share Files, Manage Projects, Communicate Online

By: Meltwater  05/12/2011

Meltwater Drive is an intelligent, online collaboration environment that enables individuals to work more efficiently with their colleagues, partners and clients. With this cloud-based solution, users can improve productivity through a centralized Web portal where they can share project resources and communicate with key stakeholders.

Meltwater Drive was designed for simplicity and ease of use. The Meltwater Drive's customizable services and solutions enable effective and efficient collaboration, communications, file sharing and project management to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and ensure secure access from any Internet-enabled device.

  • Your Online Workspace – keep everything in one place and give access to your team, clients and partners
  • Store, share, view, discuss, collaborate and network
  • The Dashboard is your landing page – it's customized to each individual and gives an overview of all your workspaces
  • Set up newsfeeds, merged calendars, task lists and external RSS feeds
  • Document Sharing – upload, download, share, create and collaborate
  • Keep track of version history, viewing history and edit directly online
  • Effective and easy to use project management and calendar tools for everyone in your project groups: set tasks, assign them to users and get an overview in Gantt charts
  • Create discussion forums and chats to share knowledge and keep a structured thread of comments and feedback
  • Create as many topics as you want, either stand-alone or attached to a specific file anywhere in the platform
  • The Online Meetings feature allows you to enable ad hoc screen sharing, host phone conferences or send instant messages
  • Participants don't need to install a client and there is no need to send any formal invitations
  • Create and customize your own databases for contacts, surveys, time sheets or any other use
  • Easily import and export to the database and from XSL and CSV files to archive and use the information
  • See who has done what and when on a workspace, subfolder and file level
  • Set different access rights for internal and external people in your teams: users can be observers, editors or managers

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