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By: Medical Independent  05/12/2011

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  • Gadgets | 01 Dec 2011

    Are your wedding and engagement rings looking a little tired and faded? Does your necklace or bracelet need a lift?

  • Gadgets | 01 Dec 2011

    With this eye-catching Dali-esque clock, time doesn’t stop, it simply just melts away. Inspired by Salvador Dali’s work of art, ‘The Persistence of Memory’, this unusual Melting Clock looks like it could have come straight out of a surrealist painting!

  • Gadgets | 01 Dec 2011

    The Lasso Wine Bottle Holder truly is a sight to behold as it creates a magical optical illusion using the principle of balance which makes the bottle of wine look like it’s floating.

  • Gadgets | 01 Dec 2011

    For all those who whine about unadorned corkscrews, now there’s the Hydrant Corkscrew, the slip-proof corkscrew that remains relentless during uncorking.

  • Eagle Eye | 01 Dec 2011

    After putting his money where his mouth is Eagle Eye is pleased with the early performance of our portfolio, despite a bumpy start

  • Gadgets | 01 Dec 2011

    Finding an ergonomic, accurate and responsive mouse nowadays is not an easy task, but the new Logitech Performance Mouse MX might make your decision a little easier.

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  • Gadgets | 17 Nov 2011

    Yes, that’s right, it’s a giant pencil sharpener. It won’t sharpen your giant pencils, but it will keep all your pens, pencils and other stuff looking sharp on your desk!

  • Gadgets | 17 Nov 2011

    A Bluetooth handset that syncs and charges your iPhone

  • Gadgets | 17 Nov 2011

    The ultimate mini speaker with the huge sound just got better! Not only does it have the amazingly big sound beyond its size but the Rave now comes with a quality radio as part of the package.

  • Gadgets | 17 Nov 2011

    Thanks to the special conductive material discreetly woven into the forefinger, middle finger and thumb tips of these stylish gloves, you can keep your fingers toasty and activate your touchscreen devices at the same time!

  • Gadgets | 17 Nov 2011

    This hardwearing phone case has been specifically designed for users with an active lifestyle. Featuring three form-fitting layers and a self-fixed screen protector, it guards against impact damage, scratches and dirt.

  • Eagle Eye | 17 Nov 2011

    Eagle Eye has decided to lead us on an investment journey using the 10 stocks yielding the highest dividends on the Dow Jones Index

  • Gadgets | 03 Nov 2011

    The second generation of Apple’s venerable tablet, the iPad 2, improves on its predecessor in both design and hardware.

  • Eagle Eye | 03 Nov 2011

    The lengthy and ongoing uncertainty in the markets has created some irrational activity meaning some stocks have been oversold and now offer potential value, writes Eagle Eye

  • Eagle Eye | 20 Oct 2011

    Companies and households are hoarding money and repaying debts rather than spending, and this is holding back economic recovery, writes Eagle Eye

  • Gadgets | 20 Oct 2011

    The Logitech Wireless Presenter R400, with a red laser pointer, is designed to help you make your point in a smaller meeting room setting, and is easy to see against most backgrounds and projection surfaces.

  • Eagle Eye | 06 Oct 2011

    The situation in Greece seems to be nearing endgame so it is prudent to stay on the sidelines and hold on to our cash until it has been resolved, writes Eagle Eye

  • Gadgets | 06 Oct 2011

    The Toshiba AT100 Tablet brings a wealth of features and applications that everyone can enjoy. The Android 3.1 operating system (OS) is optimised for tablets, and offers direct access to Android Market, where you can choose from thousands of apps. Whether it’s playing games, watching movies, or simply browsing the web, the Toshiba AT100 does it all.

  • Eagle Eye | 22 Sep 2011

    As CEO Steve Jobs steps aside at Apple, Eagle Eye feels it may be a good time to pounce, especially if the recent price drop continues to the $350 mark

  • Gadgets | 22 Sep 2011

    If you have got a big house or are experiencing trouble with your wireless network, a HomePlug solution may be just what you need.

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