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By: Mediation Solutions Ireland  05/12/2011
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Disputes and disagreements are an integral part of our very complicated world. Such disputes can arise in almost any area of activity, whether it is a proposed civil action by an individual against the Health Service Executive or a stand-off between a county hurling team and its manager – the dynamics are usually the same: the concerned parties feel aggrieved, everybody wants satisfaction, emotions run high and the overall situation seemingly deteriorates as time passes. There seems to be no way out. But there is – sooner or later every dispute is settled, but, is it better to agree a settlement or have a settlement imposed by a court?

Retain control over the resolution of your dispute – engage in mediation. We at Mediation Solutions Ireland can provide services in all of the following areas:

Employment / Workplace Issues:

  • Termination of employment: unfair dismissal / selection for redundancy / transfer of undertakings
  • Contracts of Employment issues
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Equality and discrimination issues
  • Grievance procedures

Family Disputes:


  • Disputes between landlords / tenants / neighbours
  • Leasing and rent review issues
  • Apartment owners / tenants versus management companies
  • Construction issues involving builders / buyers
  • Disputes between builders / sub-contractors
  • Division of property issues


  • Disputes between companies / sole traders / individuals
  • Contractual issues of any kind
  • Transfer of undertakings issues
  • Settlements with banks
  • Disputes over Shareholders Agreements
  • Debt recovery / credit disputes
  • Buy-outs / mergers / joint ventures / share options


  • Sponsorship issues – teams / individuals
  • Expenses and allowances
  • Disputes between teams and their associations
  • Contractual disputes between sports people and management / sponsors
  • Disputes between committees / clubs / venues / property

Local Government:

    • Disputes between residents and local authorities
    • Disputes over services
    • Planning issues and fees
    • Representation to local authority over developments
    • Civil actions against the local authority

Keywords: Mediation Solutions