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By: Mediation Instead Of Court  05/12/2011

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A trained and neutral third party is present to assist in creating space for all members of the family to be heard and can involve a wide variety of conflict situations. This can strengthen family bonds and empower all members to develop in accordance with the changing nature of their relationships and the realities of their situation.

Elder mediation enables the interpersonal relationships on families such as sibling rivalries to be addressed in a calm, comfortable environment where all are at their ease as facilitated by the mediator.

This type of  (elder) mediation is extremely sensitive especially for the older individual. As with all other forms of mediation each party is allowed as much time as they need to convey their ideas. thus promoting a more thoughtful decision making process to develop.

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Some issues that may need addressing in elder mediation are as follows:

1. Health care both at home in the hospital or in a residential care facility. Also any nursing home or medical decisions

2. Retirement

3. Financial concerns

4. Familial relationships

5. New marriages and/or step family relationships

6. Abuse and neglect

7. End of life decisions

8. Estate planning ( will)

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