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By: Mediaone  05/12/2011
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User Experience Design

Before we consider the surface aesthetics of your web design, we will work with you to get to the root of what make your user tick. What really are the tasks they want to complete when visiting your website or opening your Intranet? What information is really important to have displayed on your homepage and what information can you suppress further down your website? What metrics can we put in place to constantly improve the user experience?

Getting answers to these questions is essential for success. Our User Experience experts work daily with Ireland’s largest organisations doing exactly this. Whether it’s a large government organisation, a leading law firm website, a busy online shop, a large Intranet or a mission critical customer portal; our end goal is always the same – we make potentially complex processes simple.

Content Planning and Design

Too often the effort involved in creating compelling valuable content is underestimated. This is despite your content being the most important aspect of your website by far! We will work with you to introduce you to the world of creating compelling content for the web. We’ll teach you the principles of writing for the web. If you need assistance with content production we can direct you to copywriting experts that can quickly produce accessible and search engine optimised content.

We can also work with you to put in place the necessary structures and processes to make sure you keep your content up to date on an ongoing basis.

Stunning, Creative Visuals

Building upon a solid UX design, our creative team then go to work on creating a beautiful visual design that transforms structural wireframe designs into stunning visual concepts. Our creative team immerse themselves in your brand and strive to reinforce and extend this online through the use of colour, imagery and typography. The principles of effective visual web design stand the test of time and we have worked with many of Ireland’s biggest brands over the past decade, delivering pixel perfect stunning designs that reflect core brand values while focusing on creating a memorable and highly positive user experience.

Online Brand Guidelines

We increasingly work with many of our partners and clients to provide extensive Online Brand Guidelines as a major asset in developing websites and web applications. Many of our clients have their own developers and designers who rely on well defined design patterns to ensure a consistent user experience across all web properties. We have been instrumental in developing “pattern portfolios” for some of Ireland’s biggest websites.

Design Production

Our production processes take your visual design concepts and transform them into beautifully built, modern XHTML/CSS valid templates. Our Web Developers are experts in crafting modern template builds which increasingly incorporate elements of emerging standards including HTML5 and CSS3. We are acutely aware of the myriad of challenges and best practices faced by web designers and developers when it comes to producing world class builds including:

  • Semantic search engine optimised markup
  • Progressive enhancement and graceful degradation for Internet Explorer 6 and older web browsers
  • Performance optimised markup, css and javascript
  • Grid based design techniques
  • Use of common javascript libraries such as jQuery for common design patterns
  • iPhone/Android/Mobile Version UI production

Production Quality Assurance (QA)

We undertake an exhaustive list of QA checklists to ensure the highest quality possible in our template builds.

  • Extensive cross browser testing in our internal Browser and Operating System lab
  • Resolution Testing
  • Performance Testing and Optimisation
  • Search engine optimisation

Keywords: web solutions

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