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By: Media 4non Journalists  05/12/2011
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Prepare what you are going to say by using the 4Ws and H… who, what, where, when and how; prepare anecdotes/stories to illustrate what you do; think in soundbites..

Here is what Alison Boardman, the Managing Director of Unique‐Voice, had to say about my talk

to the Kerry Businesswomen's Network

on How to Plug Your Business on Radio

..which took place on Thursday 3rd February.


Excellent presentation Claire! So well delivered, great content and practical advice on how to get the best out of a radio interview. I liked what you said about stories and how we all love them, as they say 'facts tell, stories sell' & we all like to hear real stories - whatever the accent, I do think if you are natural and not try too hard (which is difficult when time is limited and large audience listening!!), in general the audience are on your side. Well done again! I do need to go to your workshop before I go on radio again.."

If you would like to attend my workshop on Radio Interview Skills… including ideas on how to get on air…or you would like me to give my talk on How to Plug Your Business on Radio to your group let me know.

Keywords: radio