By: Mectec  05/12/2011
Keywords: precision engineering, transmission, machining

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MecTec was formed in 1999 and quickly became a respected machine shop for the production of one off parts and also repaired parts for the quarry and agricultural industrial.

As time passed our clientele grew and so did the need for the production of high volume machined parts.

Form Object

At MecTec we now specialize in machining complex shaped parts that require innovative tooling and fixturing.

We are capable of holding tight tolerances in difficult to machine materials including Stainless steel, Plastics, tool steels etc. We have developed much of our experience doing the difficult and tedious work that our competitors did not want or were not able to do.

We use a modern CAM system, and state of the art machining and measuring equipment for making such parts. We have 3,&4 Axis machining centres as well as turning centres with 22 tools.

We approach each job with the mindset of minimizing the number of operations, resulting in increased accuracy and efficiency. On long part runs we set up multiple operations side by side so we can get parts out to the customers quickly.

We pride ourselves on having your parts delivered on time every time.

Keywords: Bearings, CNC Machining, Machine Shop, machining, machining centres, precision engineering, tooling, transmission

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