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By: Automation supplies  18/07/2010
Keywords: security alarm, automatic gates, gate automation

GSM Gate Controller ESIM010 - Remote relay

ESIM010 automatic gate controller (remote relay over GSM) is used to open gates, lift road barriers or turn on the electronic device remotely over GSM network. Using this device you can also remotely turn on or off the security system.

Calling on the number of the SIM card inserted in ESIM010 the system checks if the number of the caller is recorded in the memory. If the number exists in the database, the system rejects the call and turns on the relay for the determined period. If the number of the caller is not recorded, the contacts of the relay are not connected.



System features:

  • Galvancally separated relay contacts. NO
  • Integrated GSM module
  • The system can be controlled by up to 500 users and 5 administrators

Keywords: automatic gates, electric gates, gate automation, GSM intercoms, intercoms, sea gate automation, security alarm