The four favorable factors promote the development of valve industry

By: Valmax Valve Co.,Ltd.  16/08/2013
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Company is mainly engaged in industrial valve design, manufacturing and sales, has been formed to gate valve, ball valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve, regulating valve, safety valve, nuclear power valve and wellhead equipment consisting mainly of nine products series. According to Newey shares prospectus, favorable factors affect the development of the industry is mainly reflected in the following aspects: National industrial policy to promote the development of valve industry Valve industry belongs to the equipment manufacturing industry. Equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic industry to provide technology and equipment for the various sectors of the national economy, high degree of association, strong ability to absorb employment, technology and capital intensive, is a concentrated expression of industrial upgrading, technological progress and an important guarantee for the comprehensive national strength. Therefore, the national development of the equipment manufacturing industry very seriously, will be taken to encourage and support policies and measures for the industry in the long term. The national "Eleven Five Year Plan" clearly pointed out, in order to develop equipment manufacturing industry, and strive to break through the core technology, improve the overall level of integration of major technology and equipment research and development design, the core components supporting, manufacturing and system. "Equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan" is also proposed, "basic parts manufacturing and improve the level of general parts, basically meet the domestic market demand, key automation measurement and control components to fill the domestic blank, planning special raw materials to achieve major breakthroughs". In recent years, with the United States and the European Union and other countries and regions of the industrial upgrading, industrial transfer trend of valve industry in the world increasingly obvious. China is a big manufacturing country and emerging market countries, has the advantages of low cost manufacturing industry development, have already become one of the most important production base of the valve industry in the world. Moreover, the technical strength of domestic enterprises valve continues to improve, has been able to meet the requirements of technical parameters of the global hierarchy of valve applications. Therefore, more and more Multi-National Corporation will China as one of the country's most important global procurement of valve products, with strong strength of the valve for the domestic enterprises to create a huge business opportunities.

Keywords: ball valve,, check valve, globe valve,, Valve Industry,

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