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By: Ray Rennicks Memorials  05/12/2011
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Headstone Cleaning & Restoration

At Ray Rennicks Memorials, we provide a full renovation and cleaning service which covers all aspects of memorial repair and restoration.

Due to the harsh Irish climate, many headstones and memorials can suffer in appearance over the years. At Ray Rennicks Memorials, our skilled stonesmasons can provide a full cleaning and restoration service for your family headstone.

The ideal approach is for one of our skilled stonesmasons to visit the family cemetery to inspect your headstone. We would then be able to evaluate the headstone and outline the most effective way of restoring the headstone to its original condition.

Typically, the restoration of a headstone or plot could include:

  • Headstone cleaning
  • Headstone inscription to be repainted
  • Replacement or repair of plot kerbing
  • Addition of new plot chippings

Inscribing Headstones & Plaques

We pride ourselves on the quality of our inscriptions and we have an extensive range of font sets that we have used over the years. At Ray Rennicks Memorials, we have the expertise and skill to add to and enhance existing headstone inscriptions.

Headstone Setting

Once you have selected your headstone and it has been inscribed with the names, dates and any verses or phrases you wish to add, then our team will install the memorial at the graveside.

For those who wish to re-set an existing headstone due to ground erosion or accidental damage to the base of the headstone, our team of experienced stone masons can assist with requests of that nature.

Grave Edging

At Ray Rennicks Memorials, we offer a large selection of kerbs and corner posts in a wide variety of different materials.

These kerbs and corner posts can be selected to match the type and colour of the materials used by the main headstone.

Our experienced staff will be happy to advise you on the selection available and the most suitable edgings for your plot.

Grave Chippings

Grave chippings are used to preserve a neat and cared-for appearance around a family or loved one´s plot.

Whether you have a new plot that needs grave chippings or whether you would like to restore an existing plot to a more pristine appearance, Ray Rennicks Memorials would be happy to help.

We stock a wide range of grave chippings and these are available in a wide variety of various colours and sizes.

As with all our other services, our experience staff would be happy to assist you in your selection.

Hearts & Plaques

At Ray Rennicks Memorials, we also carry a complete range of related items for graves including marble hearts and granite plaques which can be used to mark the plot or be placed on the grave with a personalised message on anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions.

These hearts and plaques are available in different types of stone, sizes, wall mounted or free standing as best suits the plot.

For those living abroad or who for any other reason are unable to travel to a cemetery to place a heart or plaque, this requirement can be fulfilled on your behalf by one of our team.

Ceramic Photos

Ceramic photos are an affordable modern addition to a plot that assures a person´s likeness will remain vivid in future years.

They allow families to share with future generations their most precious memories as captured in treasured family portraits.

This means that grave markers can be much more than just a collection of names, dates, and, perhaps, a special phrase or two but instead allow cherished memories of a loved one to be preserved.

Solar Lamps

Solar lamps or solar-powered grave ornaments and grave lights are a way to decorate the grave site of a loved one who has passed away. They are a sign that the person may be gone but they are not forgotten.

Solar Lamps are increasingly popular in cemeteries and at Ray Rennicks Memorials, we offer a range of candle lit and solar powered options for you to choose from.

Flower Holders

We understand that adding flowers to a loved one´s grave or resting place will show that your loved one has not been forgotten.

Placing a loved one´s special flowers in a grave flower holder will make a grave look peaceful and beautiful.

With that in mind, we offer our customers a range of flower holders suitable for all types of graves.

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