user interface design, web design and development, web apps

By: Geco Loco  05/12/2011


We specialise in the design of functional, high-quality websites. Easy navigation and enhanced user experiences are key in our site architecture.

Web and desktop applications

An easy to use interface is of huge importance when building applications. It is key that users quickly see the extent of their options and understand how to achieve their purpose when using the application.
Our team develop an understanding of the clients business enabling us to specilaise in streamlined application interfaces. This knowledge helps us understand the complex communication and data management between different departments within organisations. Through careful analysis we create business-critical software and web-based applications that are time-sensitive, for clients including healthcare providers and financial institutions.

Mobile applications (iphone, ipad)

New mobile applications are hitting the market everyday. What sets the successful ones apart is clever and original user interface design. Getting people the infomation they need fast is a necessity. We achieve this through a combination of effective use of colour, simple branding and cleverly divided content.


We create interactive web based flash games which thrill and engage with their creative design, encouraging repeat visits and viral marketing.