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By: Septeck  05/12/2011
Keywords: septic tank, sewage treatment

Septeck provide a comprehensive service package to suit almost all sewage systems & pump stations, from a one off service callout to a full system re-build, look no further than us. We can also provide remote monitoring of your system at truly unbeatable prices.

Our service vans are always fully stocked with a wide range of parts for sewage treatment and pumping systems such as:

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Group service rates. Get your neighbours together and save!
(prices are valid until 02/12/2011)

No. of dwellings Service Rate Remote monitoring install (option)  
1 €145 Each €150 Incl. 1yr free monitoring  
2 €130 Each €140 Incl. 1yr free monitoring  
3+ €115 Each €135 Incl. 1yr free monitoring  

A standard sewage system service consists of:

All components for integrity, duty assist/changeover operation (large systems)
Drive trains for alignment & wear
Bearings & housings test
Electrical health check - phase-to-earth and phase-to-phase.
(This test helps determine if there is deterioration in electrical insulation.)
Sludge return - timers & pipe work
Floats for current depth & operating stroke
Pipework for splits & corrosion
Blower filter (clean or replace)
Blower pressure test
Check valve (nrv) for correct operation
Pump trip test
Hi-Level alarm test
Loss of pressure warning test
Loss of rotation alarm test
Pumps for blockages, defects, oil leaks, etc
Hanging chains & guide rails for corrosion & layout
Loss of power warning test
Physical test of lid, frame and surrounding area
Visual inspection of the whole system for defects
Percolation area inspection
Full service report provided and any causes for concern put forward to customer The service checklist above is a typical example and actual service requirements varies depended on the make and model of the sewage system.

Clients regularly ask us as to why it's important to maintain their sewage system at least once a year?
Proper servicing of your sewage treatment system is essential, as it is mechanical and like other items in your home such as a boiler; require regular servicing to ensure they are running exactly the way they were intended. A lot of people are unaware that a poorly maintained sewage system drastically reduces the quality of the effluent that is discharged to the percolation/soakage area. This is a major risk to your health and that of your neighbours. Contact with untreated wastewater can cause serious disease, and can affect drinking water if you are connected to a well. Septeck has the knowledge and resources to maintain your sewage system at unbeatable prices. We also provide , which provide you with scheduled maintenance to insure your systems works perfectly.

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Parts supplied as part of a on site service are discounted.

Submersible pumps for sewage systemsFrom €185 Incl. VAT for Collection
From €165 Incl. VAT as part of a service
Submersible pumps for pumping systemsFrom €365 Incl. VAT for Collection
From €335 Incl. VAT as part of a service
Air compressors for sewage systemsFrom €165 Incl. VAT for Collection
From €145 Incl. VAT as part of a service
Lids & Covers
plastic & concreteFrom €30 Incl. VAT!

Complete range of parts available for most makes at unbeatable prices
Trade enquiries welcome Delivery of parts available  

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Keywords: septic tank, sewage treatment