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By: Iltp  05/12/2011
Keywords: Transport Planning, Traffic Modelling

ILTP Consulting is the sole agent of S-Paramics microsimulation traffic modelling software for Ireland.  S-Paramics is an internationally renowned software package that offers high performance tools in the field of microsimulation traffic modelling.  S-Paramics microsimulation software has now been adopted as a design tool by transport planning authorities, agencies and consultants throughout Ireland.  As sole agents for Ireland, ILTP are therefore directly responsible for the sales, technical support, training, model auditing, marketing, maintenance, updating and renewal of S-Paramics software.

S-Paramics Modelling Modules include the following as standard:

  • S-Paramics Explorer (SPX) – efficient management of models

  • Editor, Simulator and Visualiser (ESV) – module used to create and edit a model with detailed 3D graphical output

  • Batch Run – produce summary statistics

  • Batch Farm Manager – for efficient running of multiple models and multiple runs

  • Matrix Estimation – develop trip matrices with ease

  • Data Analysis Tool – summary statistics in high quality graphical form

  • PEARS – programme for the economic assessment of road schemes

Downloadable S-Paramics Information

  • Introduction to S-Paramics

  • S-Paramics Principles

S-Paramics simulates the individual vehicles within traffic flow and congestion, and presents its output as a real-time visual display for traffic management and road network design.  S-Paramics represents the actions and inter-actions of individual vehicles as they travel through a road network.  It models the detailed physical road layout, and includes features such as bus operations, traffic signal settings, driver behavioural characteristics and vehicle kinematics, including a detailed, dynamic feedback system to allow the model to react to real-time events within the simulation run.  As a consequence, S-Paramics can accurately portray the variable circumstances that lead to congestion in all types and sizes of road network.

S-Paramics allows the road network to be observed in real-time, via a powerful and robust visual capability. This allows for greater accuracy in the validation and calibration of a model to reflect on-site conditions.  A myriad of recommendations and proposals can also be quickly integrated into and observed with S-Paramics’ visual capabilities, allowing the key benefits of upgrades and improvements to be easily seen.  This is especially helpful for use at Public Displays in demonstrating the potential benefits of certain measures.

Keywords: Traffic Modelling, Transport Planning

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