Cellulite Removal Treatment using AWT (Acoustic Wave Therapy)

By: Hair Elegance and Beauty  10/01/2011
Keywords: beauty salon, beauty, Beauty Treatments

The amazing results achieved for cellulite removal using AWT (acoustic wave therapy) is well documented with independent case studies. Its even proved much more effective than Endermologie. A specialised medical device is used to provide a fast and repetitive, bullet like sensation in the affected area.  AWT is also fabulous for stretch marks and scars. Depending on the size and amount of areas to be treated, between 6 - 12 sessions will be necessary (2 per week is recommended) and then 3 months after finishing the course, see how fabulous you can look. A quarterly maintenance session is recommended to maintain results achieved.  It is also recommended that you drink plenty of water after each treatment to make the most of the lymphatic drainage and regular excerise, even if only running up and down the stairs a few times daily also helps achieve results quicker!  Go on..... give it a go!

Keywords: beauty, beauty salon, Beauty Treatments, Cellulite, Stretch Marks