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By: Aquachem  05/12/2011
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AquaChem supply a full range of testing equipment and reagents to monitor water quality and to ensure that treatment chemicals and system controls are operated to minimise system operating costs.

We also supply and the Lumitester PD20 ATP/AMP instant water and surface monitoring system for measurement of bacteria and other micro organisms. The Lumitester PD20 ATP/AMP systems gives a measurement of the microbiological content in 10 seconds and the same sample pens can be used for both water and surfaces.

All products come with full testing instructions and corrective action procedures together with tailored log sheets for each customer site and system.

Test kits and equipment are available for

ATP Instant Bacteria MeasurementAll living cells contain ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP systems have been successfully used for many years for instant hygiene measurements. AMP At AquaChem we use ATP measurement for this purpose but also for instant bacteria measurements of water in open and closed cooling systems. Our Lumitester PD20 ATP/AMP system is a top of the range system which allows customers to instantly measure and control bacteria and other living organisms in their systems without having to wait 48 to 72 hours as is the case with dipslides. Our Lumitester PD20 sample pens are simple to use and the Lumitester PD20 ATP/AMP system has an in-built facility which allows the customer to download and trend results direct from the instrument.

Dip Slides

AquaChem also offer a full range of dip slides including those which can be used to measure, total bacteria, fungi and yeasts, sulphate and nitrite reducers.

All dipslides come with full instructions together with corrective action procedures based on teste results.


AquaChem also offers a full range of incubators ranging from those that hold 1 to 2 dipslides to units which will hold up to 30. Each unit is thermostatically controlled and can be used for mobile operation if required.

Keywords: Treatment Chemicals, water quality

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Design and supply of water treatment chemicals and systems to prevent scale, corrosion, deposits and microbiological fouling in water systems represents just one part of the total package of services offered by AquaChem.


Chemical Cleaning and Efficiency Improvement

For higher pressure boilers mainly chemical cleaning may also be carried out to restore heat transfer efficiency and this decision may be taken by maintenance personnel in conjunction with their water treatment company. On-line chemical cleaning or in exceptional circumstances acid cleaning may have to be considered in order to remove these the deposits as a method of restoring the heat transfer efficiency.


Services: Clean & Disinfections

Cleaning and disinfection of water systems on a regular basis is an essential part of process to help to minimise the risk of bacteria such as the organisms which cause Legionnaires Disease from growing in water systems. All work carried out by AquaChem fully complies with highest International Standards and is carried out in line with the companies Method Statements following a Risk Assessment of each site.


Services: Pre - Commission Cleaning

AquaChem provides a range of products and services to assist end-users, mechanical contractors and pre-commission cleaning companies to ensure that both New and Existing systems are properly cleaned using our ChemSperse range of cleaners with in-built corrosion inhibitors and our ChemHib range of multi-metal corrosion inhibitors.


Services: Analytical and Technical Services

AquaChem provides a full range of test kits, replacement reagents and log sheets tailored to each site to help customers to prevent problems of scale, corrosion and biological fouling in water systems for on-site testing and control in between our routine service visits.


Services: Risk Assessments for Legionellosis

International and local guidelines place responsibility on designers, suppliers, installers, maintenance companies and employers to do all that is responsibly practicable to ensure the safety of not only the people at the place of work, but also other people that may be affected by the work activity.