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By: Svk  05/12/2011
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Ardonit, Ardonit Plus and Cromleigh slates are small size double pressed fibre cement flat sheets, composed of Portland cement, organic fibres of superior quality, mineral additives and water. SVK slates are used for roofing and cladding.


  • Strongest slates
    SVK slates are the strongest slates available on the market. No other slate comes close to our values concerning bending strength. This is achieved because SVK exclusively use and source fibres of the best quality.
    SVK slates belong to the strongest class (Class B) in accordance with the European Standard EN 492. They offer the most comprehensive range of certification, underpinning their quality and reliability.
  • Most beautiful slates
    SVK slates are the most beautiful slates. SVK knowingly chose to apply the final coating on the face side of the slates with a "paint curtain". This way the surface of all our slates is much smoother and more beautiful than when the final coating is only dispersed.
  • Extremely durable
    Our slates are extremely durable. The water absorption of our slates is, on average, half the value of other manufacturers. SVK is the only manufacturer who applies a double paint coat on the front side, the back side and the edges of the slates. This low water absorption enhances the durability of the slates, it is out of the question that they would suffer frost damage.
  • Quality of the paint coat
    The quality of the paint coat on our slates is unequalled. SVK has more than 70 years of experience in preparation and application of paint. Furthermore, in 2008, SVK invested in the installation of the most modern paint line in Europe.
    This technical leap enables SVK to produce slates with an extraordinary high UV-resistance, a super smooth surface where moss doesn't attach and an unequalled paint adhesion.
    In order to prevent moss growth, special moss inhibiting constituents are added to the double coating.

Keywords: Double Paint, Fibre Cement, paint, slates,

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