Online Reputation Management

By:  04/03/2011
Keywords: online brand management

You've spent a lot of time building up your reputation and image both online and offline, so it's important to ensure that someone isn't out there destroying your hard work.

What can you do to maximize your control over your digital footprint? Are you aware of what your customers are saying about you? What about your competitors? Are you listening to the online conversations about your brand? How are these conversations affecting how people view your organization?

Consumers use the web to make buying decisions. A vast majority buys offline, but goes online to research, read reviews and get opinions from other consumers.A study published on the American blog 97th Floor showed that 29 of the Fortune 100 companies were the subject of “negative” content, as produced on the first page of results on Google, if you enter their name as a query on the search engine.

Even the most powerful companies are exposed to this. The web now constitutes the largest worldwide public database, where criticism is archived ad vitam æternam and can therefore not be erased. “If you upset your customers in the real world, they are likely to tell 6 friends each. On the internet, your unhappy customers can tell 6000 friends each” explains Jeff Bezos, the CEO of the renowned online bookstore Amazon.

Keywords: online brand management