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By: Renewable Heating Solutions  05/12/2011

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  • Kloben Solar Panels are the highest annual output solar panels in Ireland.  - (733Kwh/m2).

Sustainable Energy Ireland approved and registered.    Product no.     SEI - ST - 287 T

Kloben are of the most highly efficient, low maintanance water heating system available.

Manufactured in Italy. Kloben systems come with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

Designed to maximise the output in cloudy or overcast conditions, by using a U-shaped copper conductor within the evacuated tube which increases the heat absorpsion surface.

Kloben Panels can be mounted on a pitched or flat roof, mounted on gable walls or positioned on the ground.

One 18 Tube panel will heat 200 Litres of water daily. Thermal Efficiency -  61.2%

Built in overheating protection system.  Maximum working pressure - 6 Bar.

  • Kloben Solar Panels Technical Details.

 Panel Size                   Dimensions HxLxD  (M)           Total Area (m2)        Aperture Area (m2)        Volume of Liquid.       Weight (empty-kg).

 8 Tube Panel -                   1.6 x .92 x .14                          1.48                             1.25                        1.17                          29

 12 Tube Panel -                 1.6 x 1.4 x .14                          1.89                              1.89                        1.74                           43

 18 Tube Panel -                 1.6 x 2.0 x .14                          2.83                              2.83                        2.60                           65        

  • Kloben Complete Solar Systems.Occupants of Home           

No. of People                No. of Panels           Cylinder Capacity         Aperture Area         SEI Grant Available*    Code.  

2-4 People                 1 x 18 Tube Panel            200 Litre                       2.8                               € 840.00              GS200.                       

4-6 People                 2 x 12 Tube Panels           300 Litre                       3.8                               €1,140.00             GS300.

8-10 People                2 x 18 Tube Panels          500 Litre                       5.6                                €1,680.00            GS500.

* - Greener Homes Grant available to existing home owners only, through Sustainable Energy Ireland (€300 per m2 of aperture area).

All systems above include Solar controller and temperature sensors, expansion vessels, 15 Mts. of flexible stainless steel solar piping form the panel to the cylinder, roof brackets and pumping station. We can tailor design a solar system to suit any hot water requirements should you have a requirement outside of the above systems.


The Parabolic reflector on the back of the panel maximises the heat gain by reflecting sunlight back into the evacuated tube, once captured the solar energy cannot escape and will be converted to heat energy.

Kloben Solar Systems Probably, the best Solar Collectors in the World.                                                             


Sustainable Energy Ireland Approved and Registered.  Product No.   SEI-ST-312P

Tempered Glass panels with an absorbsion efficiency of 78.6%.

50mm of Rockwool Insulation minimizes heat loss by conduction.

Manufactured in Spain. Ibersolars come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

Rated Heat Output 1.4 KW. Annual Rated Output 425Kwh/M2.

Ibersolar Panels consist of Aluminium plates welded to copper conductors.

Most effective during better weather conditions.

Available for On-Roof or In-Roof applications.

Ibersolar Panels can be mounted on Gable walls or on the ground.


  • Ibersolar Solar Panels Technical Details.

Panel Size     Dimensions (hxlxb)    Total Area     Aperture Area    SEI Grant Available*   

IB100              1030x2030x87 mm        2.1m2          1.92m2                  €480

* = Greener Homes Grant Available to existing Homes only, through Sustainable Energy Ireland (€250 per m2 of aperture area).

  • Ibersolar Complete Solar Systems.

Occupants of Home.    No. of Panels.    Cylinder Capacity.    Aperture Area.     SEI Grant Available*.     System Code.

 4                                     2                       250 Litres                 3.84m2               €   960.00                      IB250

 6                                     3                       300 Litres                 5.76m2               €1,440.00                      IB300

10                                    5                        500 Litres                 9.60m2               €1,500.00                     IB500

All systems above include Solar Controller and temperature sensors, expansion vessel, 15 Mts. of flexible stainless steel solar piping from the panel to the solar cylinder, roof brackets and pumping station. We can tailor design a solar system to suit any hot water requirements should you have a requirement outside of the above systems.

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