The Secret of Intimate Connection

By: True Heart Work  05/12/2011

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We invite you to open your heart to truly healing work. On your journey to knowing and growing your genuine self, we are honoured to walk with you. You can choose simply to read our blog or longer articles, to attend one of our workshops or talks, or to join us for a private consultation.

We offer our wisdom on your life journey based on the ancient art of astrology and the modern science of physics and psychology. But more, we hear and validate your personal experience of whom you are and who walks with you. And invite you to step into the growth and power you choose.

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We know from astrology and history, biology and psychology is that some of our choices are deeply unconscious. From the stories we tell ourselves about our past to the expectations we have of our future. From the companions we walk with to those who walk away from us.

Honouring and respecting all your choices, we offer a unique blend of the wisdom of the ancients and the knowledge of modern science. Allow us to open your eyes to your own insights. To open your ears to the sound of your successes. To open your heart to your deepest courage. And to open your mouth to speak your own truth.

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