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By: Premier Pits  05/12/2011
Keywords: Health And Safety, Concrete Cancer, Vehicle Pits,


Everyone, from the specifier to the user, benefits from Premier Pits' manufactured and installed prefabricated vehicle pits.


Architects and engineers involved in the development of vehicle workshops, can be confident in the knowledge that they will be providing their clients with a high performance modern piece of equipment that looks good and will perform now and well into the future.

Benefits and advantages to specifiers include: -

  • Loadings readily available
  • Reliable pre-determined specifications
  • Less inspection during installation excellent for the unstable ground conditions where piling is required
  • Appearance
  • Environmentally friendly


Contractors are generally able to control costs above ground level, it is below ground where this becomes much more difficult. Through installing a Premier Pits prefabricated pit they at least know that this part of their groundwork costs is under control.

Benefits and advantages to constructors include: -

  • Quantifiable, more accurate costings
  • Reduced time on site
  • Helping to keep to project programme
  • Reduced supervision
  • Acts as its own shutter
  • No concrete cancer or spalling


By installing Premier Pits' prefabricated vehicle pits operators benefit from enhanced efficiency and increased profitability.

Benefits and advantages to contractors include: -

  • Improved quality
  • Lower installation costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Better working conditions for staff
  • Improved efficiency
  • Ability to work above and underneath a vehicle at the same time
  • No ingress of water and no escaping harmful substances
  • Improved health and safety compliance
  • Tidier workshop
  • Relocatable up to a given size
  • Adds value to the property

Benefits Summary

  • Improved working conditions
  • No concrete contamination
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Fully sealed against water and gas ingress
  • Virtually any size and load bearing capacity possible

Keywords: Concrete Cancer, Health And Safety, Vehicle Pits,

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